Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine Love

On this day of loooove and celebrating relationships, there's a sweet love growing in our house that has my heart a'melting. 

Eli has adored his "bubby girl" from the start. 

From the moment we first brought her home he has been eager to be involved. 

 He insists on helping us with everything. From carrying her car seat, 

to pushing her in the stroller, 

to doing his best to persuade us to let him carry her. 

He loves to teach her to clap. 

He makes sure she gets her tummy time in. 

He comforts her when she's sad. 

He smothers her with kisses. 

He's even working on getting her ready for real food.  

She hasn't always reciprocated his love but she's starting to warm up to him. 

She's learning to tolerate, and even sometimes enjoy, all his little games. 

She is even starting to have some fun of her own teasing him.

They've shared a few heart to hearts. 

Something I hope will be a regular thing for them as they get older. 

This brother-sister duo are starting to become best buds. 

I know they're just babies but there's a special bond here already. I see it in the way he cares for her, the way she looks at him with adoring eyes. Trust is being built even in these early stages. Trust that will lay the foundation for their relationship in the years to come. 

My prayer as their mom is that I can help nurture their relationship and guide each of their hearts to serve one another selflessly, give generously and most of all love unconditionally. This Valentine's Day I was reminded that that starts first and foremost with me. If I want my children to have this kind of heart, I must first have this kind of heart. I must first serve them and their dad selflessly. I must give generously of my time and myself and I must most of all love them all unconditionally--through the "Test my Patience Two's" and "Fussy Four Month's", sleepless nights and all. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love every one of those photos. You really captured them well. Trevor and Joel are 2 years 4 days apart and we have pics like these that are my favorite. I prayed and pray for them to be the best of friends through every season and that prayer is being answered. Watching your kids' friendship begin and grow is so wonderful!

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