Sunday, September 7, 2014

US Open 2014

One of the greatest things about living in the tri-state area is the endless opportunities of things to do. One of our "NYC Bucket List" items was to go the US Open. If you've ever looked into the US Open though, you know this is a pricey event. Grounds admissions, meaning you don't go into the stadiums, just walk around watching practice sessions, are $30 a piece. Not a bad price by any means, but like I said, you get to watch practice sessions. No matches. 

Match prices start at $60 a pop, for the upper part of the grandstand. Another thing you may notice in either watching the US Open or reading about attending it is that there is very little shade in the stadiums. Almost none actually. So you're looking at paying $120+ dollars to sit high up and roast in the sun if you want to see an afternoon session. 

I don't know about you, but paying to be ridiculously hot and sweaty and make my child sit still for hours watching a tennis match that he has no interest in, in the heat is not my idea of fun. 

Pregnancy + a toddler + 90 degrees + intense sun = not a good combination. 

Given all the cons I have listed, you're probably thinking sooooo what's your point? Did you go and if so why??

We did go. And we had a great time. And it was all thanks to my husband whose charm wins people over and makes them want to be generous with him.

A friend hooked us up with tickets for one of the afternoon sessions last week. That solves the price problem, but what about the sun you ask? 

The tickets were for a suite. Meaning the only seats with some shade in the whole stadium and best of all, an air conditioned room. Added bonus? All the water you could possibly need and a bathroom directly in the suite. Could it get any better for an 8-month pregnant chick who has been instructed to rest more and drink tons of water??

And so, by the grace of God and the generosity of others, we were able to cross off one of our NYC Bucket List items: go to the US Open. 

We spent our afternoon watching tennis in some of the only shade found in Arthur Ashe stadium and cooled off inside whenever we got too hot. 

 Luis fulfilled a childhood dream of owning a giant tennis ball,  

and Eli earned himself a TV appearance because, well, just look at the picture above, it's like a floating ball on Luis's head. Then you catch a side view and you see this adorable little face and any good camera man knows a good shot when he sees one.

Unfortunately, we didn't catch which station camera was following him. He did get asked to be in an ESPN spot, but we would have had to wait 10 minutes in the sun and he wasn't having any of that so we left. Call us crazy but we just aren't the type of parents willing to make our child miserable just so he can be on TV for 10 seconds.  

We are however not afraid of making him look ridiculous in the name of sun protection. If you refuse to wear a hat in this family and you have struggled to grow hair in your short 22 months of life then you get sunscreen on your head. And if your dad puts it on, well then you end up with a pretty sweet hair style. 

We couldn't have scarred him too badly because he was laughing and having fun all day long. And eventually his greasy sun-screened hair settled in to a more natural look.   

Such a great afternoon, and a huge blessing for our family. We wouldn't have been able to go if we had to sit in the stands. It just would have been much too hot for Eli and me.

Now if only we hadn't listened to the person who told us we weren't reading the schedule right and left before Maria Sharapova stepped onto the court for the next match where we had been sitting....gah! Maybe next year :) 


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