Sunday, September 21, 2014

Restful Week of Fun

Well, blogging didn't quite happen as much as I thought it would given my need to stay off of me feet but there's good reason for that. We were hanging with these two chicks all week. 

My friend Britney flew in with her daughter last Sunday and became our personal chef, nanny, house cleaner, assistant, shopper and so much more for the week. She poured out herself and served our family and was very good at keeping my water filled and ordering me to the couch when she thought I'd been up too much, which was often because I have a hard time sitting still while someone else is working, especially when they are doing so in my home where I should be serving them! 

It's very humbling having someone serve you but I'm learning to accept help despite my stubbornness that thinks I can just do something rather than ask someone to do it for me.  

Update on baby, he/she is doing well in there. Non-stress test last Thursday revealed that baby is in fact, not stressed and a fluid test earlier in the week showed improvement so I have been cleared for very limited activity. 

Our week was filled with fun things that we tried to keep low on the activity scale:

Story time, which quickly turned into fight over the book and keep the babies off of the belly time. 

The munchkins were diligent and stayed on top of their work on their laptops. 

They did some research and development and tested out the second seat option that we recently added to our stroller in preparation for baby.  

They had "drink offs" and "cup swaps" which apparently is all the rage with the babies these days. 

Eli helped Keller practice her walking. 

He felt she was ready to skip the walking altogether and go straight to running. 

Her body language and facial expression indicated otherwise. 

Poor girl was a trooper putting up with my sweet (and also a little crazy) boy all week! 

They  really did have the best time long as they didn't want what the other one had. Then there were fits to be had and many, many lessons in sharing (mostly for one particular little boy who recently learned the word "No" and exercised his use of it liberally this week. Yay for us).  

We painted pumpkins....which lasted all of 5 minutes. 

Pumpkins were just not quite as exciting as bubbles. 

Low activity for a one- and two-year-old is pretty much impossible so enclosed spaces were key to staying off my feet. No matter what activity we planned, they usually ended up just running & crawling all over. 

These two are OBSESSED with being outside.

And this man is so ready to be a father of 2...maybe even a little girl?? 

I mean, seriously, two wiggly babes and manning the grill; that takes some talent and some really strong arms!  

The week flew by fast which I am so grateful for because even though I only have 3 weeks left in this pregnancy (and possibly less) it seems like I have been pregnant forever and that this baby is never going to get here. October can't get here fast enough!   


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