Friday, September 12, 2014

Bed Ridden...Again

Well, so far both of my pregnancies have been almost exactly the same.

First Trimester: a week or two of nausea, but not much; a few food aversions, but not many; crazy tired all the time! 

Second Trimester: such a glorious and fabulous time, I felt amazing, lots of energy--oh how I love you second trimester!

Third Trimester: afternoon naps are my best friend and my means to survival, never hungry but have to eat, feel large and squishy (but totally worth it), aannnnd bed rest. Yay. 

My doctor started checking my amniotic fluid about a month ago since I had problems with it being low toward the end when I was pregnant with Eli. It was at an okay number, an 8, which is on the lower side. Not super great, but not bad either. I was told to rest as much as possible, drink lots of water and return in 2 weeks. 

I did that and my fluid was holding steady at an 8 when I went back. I received the same instructions only this time I was to come back in a week. I was feeling pretty confident this last appointment because I thought, "How much can it really change in one week?" Apparently ALOT! I went from an 8 to a 4 in just a week. A 4 is concerning, but not worrisome....yet, the doctor said. Thus, bed rest. That number can't get any lower or else there is worry to be had.  

I failed at resting and drinking water! Such simple tasks and yet I wasn't very good at either them according to my last scan. As a result I have a tight leash as to what I can do. My activities are limited to sitting on my bootie, drinking lots of water, refilling my water, relieving myself of all the water (which is pretty much ever hour) and getting food. Oh and I can shower so if you're thinking of visiting me don't worry, I won't be smelly. 

You're probably wondering what we do with this poor little guy? 

He is having his first sleep over tonight with his adorable little friend Grey (let's be real, Grey is 4 months old) whose amazing parents graciously offered to take him for the weekend while Luis is gone. I seriously don't know what I do without that family, they have been so good to us! 

Then we have this beauty and her cutie coming to entertain us through the week. 

Then we have a few days that we have my sweet Grandma on call for depending on how Monday's appointment goes.  

Then we have this other beauty and her youngest cutie (who was still in her belly in this pic!) coming the last week in September when Luis will be traveling again. 

That takes us into October which we figure by that point, we are good to go. Baby can come at anytime. 

September really is not a convenient month with Luis's schedule to be put on bed rest. Lots of games. Lots of traveling. But it reminds me all the more how incredibly blessed I am to have the village of people around us that we do. Near and far, people are giving of themselves to us through their time, generosity and prayers and there just aren't enough words to express my gratitude for each and every one of you.

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies (and their husbands who have to survive without them!) who are helping keep my oldest child entertained so that I can give this baby a healthy environment in which to grow and develop these last few weeks. 

Thank you to all my sweet friends who have brought coffee, cooked food and loaded me up with magazines and other fun things to keep me entertained. 

Thank you to my awesome family who call and check in on me and help me pass the day away with fun conversations and texts. 

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and this little life in me. 

I hope someday I can repay you all somehow! 

Most of all, though, thank you to my awesome husband and sweet boy who are flexible and understanding (well, Eli is learning to be at least) and help pick up the slack when I am out of commission. 

Sometimes I get down that we have, so often, moved away from friends or, in the case of living here, they move away from me. But it's moments like these that God reminds me how faithful He is to always provide just the right person at just the right time, no matter the distance. 

Despite the annoying-ness of bed rest, I am thankful for how God is using it to humble me by the generosity of others and to remind me how good He is, and also for the time He is giving me to rest up, read, refresh my mind and just have some time to myself before life gets crazy with a newborn. It is a blessing, or at least I'm trying to see the blessings in this time.   

More blog updates to come I am sure given my sudden plethora of free time...


Madison @ Espresso and Cream said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw that photo of Luis and Eli is just adorable! Thinking of you during these weeks of bed rest. I know that must be incredibly frustrating to have to rely on others so much and be out of action. Keep your spirits up and know you'll be prayed for and lifted up by many!

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

@Madison @ Espresso and Cream Thanks girl for the encouragement!

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