Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Joisey Shore

Continuing with this mini series of summer fun activities with a toddler... 

A few weeks ago, Luis had an appearance down on the Jersey Shore, in Asbury Park. This was Luis's first trip to the Shore and Eli's and my second. 

Our first shore experience was down in Point Pleasant last summer when my friend Miriam visited from Germany. It was a trip we will never forget. We spent 20 minutes on the beach where Eli had his first taste of sand. 

We then noticed the clouds start to roll in unexpectedly so we hurried and packed up our stuff and made a mad dash in the pouring rain for the car where we decided to wait it out. 

The rain let up so we ventured out again for a walk along the boardwalk. Not even 15 minutes later we had a close encounter with a lightening bolt so we ducked into the nearest coffee shop just as the rain began to dump buckets on us again. 

We waited it out once again until it was clear and then decided not to push our luck anymore and head home. Streets were flooded and we bravely headed through a very deep puddle where at one point I worried we would float away. And in fact, it's surprising that we didn't as kids were literally floating down the street in their kayaks. 

This year's Jersey Shore getaway was much less exciting, but much more the Jersey Shore experience we were looking for: sunshine, warmth, beach time and best of all, no rain. 

We played in the sand while Luis spoke with kids at a soccer camp for Athletes in Action.

And of course we found a puddle of water to splash in. 

It was pretty crowded, as I imagine it is most weekends down on the shore (Shore? do you capitalize it?? Someone please educate this non-native-Jersey girl) 

When Luis finished giving his testimony, we suited Eli up in his swim diaper and trunks and headed for the water. 

The chilly water didn't interest our boy as much as being buried in the sand did. 

A few times we had to unbury him because the tide started getting higher and he insisted we rebury him immediately. We moved him up and back in the sand he went. 

Not sure if he thought it was so great though when he realized he had to be stripped down and rinsed off bum naked in order to get all the sand off of him. His screams were probably heard down the entire shore. 

We finished the day with a walk along the boardwalk before making the short hour drive back home. It was the perfect day trip for a little one. 

More water fun to come in a few days!


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