Thursday, June 26, 2014

Best Save Ever

Luis came home last night after attending a youth soccer awards ceremony where he handed out certificates to EVERY. SINGLE. participant (he was there awhile) followed by a Q&A. Q&A's are totally his thang. He gets a room in the palm of his hand like no one I know. 

Example: a girl asked what his best save in his career was. His answer? "Not letting my wife get away." 

How does he think of this stuff so quick??

It is his best save though if you ask me! I am so thankful for the man I married, and the longer we are married, the more my love and appreciation for him grows. We've come a long way since that day way, way back in 2001 when he looked my number up in the phone book so that he could ask me out on a date.

Yes. The phone book. Remember those things? It's crazy that I will have to explain to my children what a phone book is. What is it about things  that you remember using becoming obsolete that makes you feel old? 

Anyway, while I was on vacation with my family, Luis and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. 

The cruise line gave me (us?) this thoughtful card. 

Unfortunately, I really did "escape completely" as he and I had to celebrate apart from one another. 

It's sort of fitting though, because that's how our marriage started, with a 3 week separation. We said "I do" and less than 48 hours later Luis was on a plane to South Africa to participate with the national team in the Confederations Cup. I, on the other hand, headed back to my parents house and my parents took our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta. 

Not exactly how I dreamed it would be growing up, but in 5 years of marriage, I've come to accept that soccer determines our schedule. While at times it is inconvenient, (i.e. Luis couldn't come on the trip because of soccer; I can't remember the last time we spent my birthday together because of soccer, etc.) the time we get together on a daily basis (he's out of the door by 8:30 and home by 3:00 most days) more than makes up for the special occasions, weekends and weeks that sometimes get spent apart.   

Five years ago on June 7, we stood before God (and my Dad, who married us! That's not my dad in the picture though in case you're confused) and promised to give our all to one another from that day forth. 

I am so thankful that after 5 years, 6 moves, 3 different cities, 2 different countries, 2 summers of unemployment, 3 pregnancies, 1 son, a few hard trials and many, many adventures, he still puts this same smile of adoration on my face. 

Marriage is not easy, but by the grace of God, ours has been pretty smooth sailing as far as our relationship goes. As my mom once said "You two are unusually compatible." 

We've had disagreements and tense moments like any other couple, but we have never lost sight of the fact that we are a team.

Somewhere along the way, we developed this "us against the world" idea and it has gotten us through some really tough times, and Lord willing, will continue to get us through 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 more years of good and bad times. 

Five years, in comparison to my parents who just celebrated 30 years, and my grandparents who celebrated 50 last year, doesn't seem like very long, but it is our first mini milestone and it feels substantial, as if we are truly out of the "newlywed" stage.  

It's amazing to look back on all that God has done in and through our relationship in these 5 years, and really, how He has been writing our story since we first met when I was 15 and he was 16. 

With each passing year, we learn more about each other and forge an even stronger bond as we endure trials, experience successes, expand our family and just do life together. It's pretty incredible to be so invested in another person and in the life you are building for your family.  

Luis is the best thing that could have happened to me. Not just for the joy that he brings into my life, but also for the way he has helped encourage me in my faith and helped me grow into the woman God created me to be. 

All you single ladies out there, who you marry is sooooooooo important! It's hard to imagine when you're dating someone just how much influence they will have on your life, but the longer I am married, the more I realize how much your husband can better or hinder you as a person, impact the lives of your children and set the course for how the rest of your life will be. 

I am so grateful for the prayers of my parents who from day one, prayed that I would marry a Godly man, for the persistence of Luis who pursued me even when I didn't want to be pursued, and most of all for the grace of God which protected us and also overcome all of our youthful mistakes to bring us together as one at the most perfect time.   

It is so freeing to know that I can completely trust him, and especially now that we have a son and another child on the way. Being a parent is an overwhelming responsibility. I sometimes feel so much pressure that Elliot's character is in my hands. Thankfully, it's also in Luis's hands. He is a great example for Eli and will impart wisdom and instruction that I can be confident in knowing will give him a firm foundation upon which to build his life. 

Eli already looks to him with adoring eyes and I am so grateful that he is a man that my son can look up to and a man that I want him to follow and be like.


I pray that as we continue this journey through life together, that we will never lose sight of where God has brought us from and where He is taking us too. I hope that we can continue to love and encourage one another through good times and not so good times and that we can leave a legacy of faith through our relationship for our children to follow. 

I pray more than anything that others will see that marriage can be life-giving as opposed to the message most people here today, that marriage ties you down and sucks the life out of you. 

I know that 5 years isn't long in the grand scheme of it all and that we still have a long road ahead of us; I'm not naive thinking we've got it all figured out because we most certainly don't, but considering 20% of marriages end within the first 5 years, I am confident we have a good foundation set that will only benefit us in the years to come. 

I love you Luis Angel Robles, and can't wait for all the many more blessings and curveballs life has to throw our way!

Recap of all of Eli's and my travels to come soon!


Unstoppable Lindsey said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing. Your optimism and testimony of marriage shows me how much you have experienced to give you such sage wisdom. Thank you for your example of what marriages can be, and that with God all things are possible. Your faith is encouraging, and your relationship with God, undeniable. Thank you for your amazing example!

dublinerinDeutschland said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, such a lovely post. You guys are such a great couple (and family). Love all the photos!

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