Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Few Randoms

In case y'all missed it in my last post, I subtly slipped it in that Luis and I are expecting in October. There was never an official announcement prior to the Mother's Day post, partly because of time and partly because, at the time, it felt like all around me women who would have been due around the same time as me were being robbed of the life growing in them and I couldn't bring myself to shout in the midst of that "Hey, I'm pregnant!"

I remember after our miscarriage it seemed that everywhere I went there were pregnant women or women with babies; every day I saw some new post from someone I knew announcing they had made it past the "safe zone" of 12 weeks and it was overwhelming. I couldn't bear the thought of making other women feel that way. 

That being said, there's still a life growing in me that deserves to be celebrated, just as all life that God gives deserves to be celebrated, no matter how short the span of it is. We are very excited about our growing family and look forward to all the adventures that await us as we welcome this little guy (or girl!) into the world this fall. 

So there you have it, an official announcement, for those of you who thought you had missed it. 

Funnily enough, my due date is Eli's birthday!


This pregnancy, my workout consists of chasing an active boy around and going up and down the stairs in our home. Life is busy to say the least and unfortunately exercise get's pushed to the wayside which is why this Pilates Summer Series from The Balanced Life has been so amazing. 

Monday through Thursday focus on a different trouble zone (i.e. abs, legs, booty, arms) and Friday features a guest workout. Each workout is a short but effective 5-10 minutes long, perfect for squeezing in when time is a scarce resource. 

She's already halfway through the series but you can easily go back and catch up. I've found myself going back and doing a few that I missed all together or repeating certain ones on days when I have more than 15 minutes to burn. 

Definitely a great way to hit all the spots where extra "cushion" tends to gather on us girls!


Eli and I are headed to Europe today for a cruise around the British Isles with my family. We were supposed to have left yesterday but we sat on a plane for 5 hours and went all of 20 feet before they finally canceled our flight. 

His facial expressions pretty much capture how we all felt as time progressed. 

"Why haven't we left yet???"

"Okay, seriously, what's going on here?"

"This sucks"

"Somebody get me out of here!"

"I just can't take it anymore!"

Dazed and confused and oh so tired!

All things considered, the kid was awesome!

 The melt down lasted all of 2 minutes, and really can you blame him? It was hot, we were tired and we just wanted to get out of there. I think we were all ready to lose it. Amazingly enough, when you walked through first class they were sitting under blankets because their AC was blasting so high. 

I got a little sassy when I discovered this fact. Blame it on the hormones and my mama bear nature protecting my poor little guy who had sweat beads on his nose from the heat. 

On the bright side, we got to see Luis before we left, who had been in Memphis Sunday and Monday for a golf tournament for St. Jude's Hospital.

We also got to soak up some sunshine and warmth and burn off some energy with a trip to the playground this morning. 

A ball pretty much goes with us wherever we go nowadays. And running is the new walking.  

Sweet little red-faced boy. 

Adventures from Europe to come for sure when I can get wifi. If we ever make it out of here of course!


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