Monday, April 28, 2014

Where We've Been

The Robles Bed & Breakfast has re-opened for the Spring, Summer and Fall months and Cara's Free Tour Guides have expanded its offerings to include Canada and DC.

Luis's parents arrived at the beginning of April and we spent our weekends traveling to Luis's away games in Montreal and DC and our weeks...well they spent their weeks spoiling their grandson and I spent them taking advantage of some extra free time to get things done. 

We also hosted a friend of ours for Easter weekend from Germany who is studying in Boston.

It was a fast, jam-packed (almost) 3 weeks and we are beat! This week was all about settling back into our normal routine before the next wave of visitors arrives.

I wish I were better at finding the balance between being present with those around me and finding time to blog, but alas, I suck at it hence the almost full month that has gone by since my last post. 

So let me just recap a few of our adventures for you. 

Montreal: Cold, cold, cold. Windy. There was snow. We ate at a famous Hebrew Delicatessen called Schwartz's, where the waiter, upon me asking about the different meat options for my sandwich informed me that I was "there for smoked meat". Oh am I Mr. Order Taker? Okay then, I'll have the Smoked Meat. Thanks for reminding me why I was there. 

It was decent. Very meaty that's for sure. Not exactly my sandwich of choice (I need some veggies people) but it was worth saying I tried it. 

That was about all we saw of Montreal because, as I said, it was cold and we are pretty much over being cold at this point so we didn't do much sightseeing. We did drive through the old town and it looked like a lovely place to visit in the summer. When it's warm.

I can recommend Hotel 10 though. Clean, modern, very friendly staff, great location and reasonably priced. They did run out of cribs which was not ideal but we improvised and made it work. 

Fortunately Eli was so exhausted that first night that he just crashed. Unfortunately, despite the bed wedging perfectly between the wall and the bed, I was up every 20 minutes checking and making sure he hadn't rolled under a pillow or anything. 

DC: We got to meet our friends' little peanut, Caleb. 

He is so tiny and precious and makes our little shrimp look like a giant. Until our other friends kiddo, Emmet joins the group, then Eli is back to shrimp status and Caleb looks even more like a peanut.

I have been to DC four times now. Twice before I have come in the spring and have just missed the cherry blossoms. But not this time. 

Luis's game was timed perfectly with the Cherry Blossom Festival. Third time's a charm!

Both times that I have tried to see the cherry blossoms were when I was in college. My aunt and uncle still lived in the area then and I went to visit after she had given birth to each of their boys. It's pretty cool to have gone there this time with my baby boy. 

Who is becoming more like a little boy and less like a baby boy with each passing day. 

I am so thankful that we are able to host friends and family and make memories that, while Eli won't remember, we will treasure them for a lifetime. 

On to our next memory-making adventures in Dallas this coming weekend, which I am very much looking forward to except that darn flight. Three-and-a-half hours in a confined space with an active 18-month-old boy....pray for us! ;) 


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