Thursday, December 5, 2013

Berry Beet Smoothie

The holiday rush is officially here. I don't know what it is about this year, but you can just feel the joy of Christmas coming in the air. Christmas music everywhere you go. Lights and decorations up around town and in people's homes. Peppermint mochas, ice cream, (fill in the blank) in cafes, ice cream shops, and grocery stores. 

You can also feel the busyness and stress of it all. Gifts to be purchased and wrapped. Travel plans to be made. Holiday parties to throw and/or attend. Year end stuff at work. Cookies and breads and so many special treats to be baked, cooked and of course eaten.

As wonderful as it all is, it can all become a little overwhelming. Today I have a fix for the overwhelming amount of food that we all consume during the holidays, and since Thanksgiving was last week and Christmas is just a few weeks away, I'm sure most of us could use something healthy and light to counterbalance all the not so healthy and not so light goodies hanging out on our waistlines.

This smoothie was inspired by the Pioneer Woman, cleaning out my fridge and trying to find ways to get fruits and veggies in my bread loving child. I had some cooked beets leftover that were needing to be used and had remembered seeing a purple smoothie in PW's new Holiday Cookbook. Thinking she had used beets, I threw one in with some berries and blended it all up.

When I looked back through her cookbook, I realized she actually used purple cabbage, but I liked my beet concoction just the same and so did Mr. Elliot.

The beets add a nice flavor and sweetness without overpowering the whole drink. Word to the wise though, if you give this to your babies, do so sans clothing as it would probably leave some lethal stains.  Guten Appetit! 

Berry Beet Smoothie

1 small Beet (I used Trader Joe's Steamed and Peeled Baby Beets)
1 cup Vanilla Almond milk
1 cup Mixed Frozen Berries
1/2 Banana
1/4 cup plain Greek Yogurt
1-2 teaspoons Honey 
1 tablespoon Flax Seed 

Combine all ingredients in a blender, or use a hand immersion blender and blend until smooth. Sip and enjoy guilt-free!


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