Friday, October 4, 2013

Baby Love

Eli and I spent this past weekend in Tennessee hanging out with my friend Britney, her husband, Matt and their beautiful new baby girl, Keller.

 Eli was completely smitten with this girl.

But seriously, can you blame him??

Whoever was holding her, he wanted them to hold him too. 

All weekend long I couldn't get over the fact that the roles were reversed just one year ago when Brit and Matt came to New York to meet our little one for the first time. Like Ms. Keller, Eli was 6-weeks-old at the time. 

It's crazy how much changes in a year. It's also crazy how quickly I forgot how tiny newborns are! 

Having two babies in the house meant we were lucky to both be fed and showered by noon, but we did manage a 3 hour road trip to Asheville, North Carolina to meet another friend of mine, Angela, who had just moved to Charlotte with her husband and their adorable son Parker who is just one year older than Eli. 

Interesting fact: Angela is married to Philip whom I have known since I was 3 and Angela's younger brother is Zach, who is married to my sister, Carissa. Small town love right there. 

Lunch got a little crazy (and messy) with two active boys--Lord help everyone who ate/worked at the Tupelo Honey Cafe on Monday between the hours of 1 and 3! We left hardly remembering anything we talked about yet filled with memories that we will all look back on and wonder how we ever survived reminisce about at our kids' graduations and weddings. 

One of Brit's and my goals for the trip was to get a few shots of Elliot and Keller together. 

Poor girl was a little freaked out by his excitement over her. 

He looks so grown up in this one. *sniff*

"Oh hey girl, you so pretty." 

I just adore her eyes. And I was crazy jealous over her long, perfectly curled, dark eyelashes! 

It's a good thing baby girl won't remember any of the trauma of Eli attacking her during this little "photo shoot." 

Right before he knocked her're a good sport Keller!

The making of a great friendship right here.

Just like their mamas. 

More travel adventures to come as Luis and I take off for Portland, Maine on Sunday. Have a great weekend!


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