Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I Am Loving at the Moment

I am sitting here this morning with a rare moment of quiet and nothing to do. And by "nothing to do" 
I mean, I am choosing not to do the things that I need to do and am blogging instead. 

It's been over a week since I had a chance to write and so this morning I rebelled and said 

"Forget you exercise."

"Sit there in your pile of unwashed glory dishes."

"Enjoy one more day in the laundry hamper stinky clothes."

And so here I am, writing, without any inspiration of what to write about, which, truth be told, is also 
part of the reason why I have not posted in over week.

Side note: Blogger is wigging out on me right now, so I'm sorry if this post looks weird.

It's not that I am in an uninspired season of life, that's most definitely not the case. It's just that I don't
even know how to begin to put to words all the sentiment and joy I feel right now about our life. Life
is pretty amazing right now. Scratch that, GOD is pretty amazing and all of the goodness that's going
on right now, it's overwhelming, but in a really good way. 

So in the meantime of me sorting through my sappy happy feelings, I'm just gonna let others do the
talking and share with you some things I am loving at the moment. Besides these two handsome dudes
of course.


This article from Casey Wiegand, an amazing woman who's blog I follow. I hope that the joy I take in Eli
learning such a simple thing as clapping will be true of me in all things he does throughout his life.

This breakfast from Joy the Baker. I'm seriously obsessed. It started out with apricots, as the recipe 
calls for, and has since moved on to pretty much whatever fruit I have on hand. I'm loving strawberries
right now, but nectarines and peaches were also pretty great. The whole combo of the cold yogurt with
the warm fruit and the crunchy, sweet granola *sigh* I could eat it all day long. 

Bonus: it's a great way to keep enjoying yogurt for breakfast even as the weather cools off. It hits all 
the right notes of a warm comforting breakfast that we long for in those winter months.

These cookies. They're healthy and yet still hit the spot when I'm craving something sweet after dinner.
That's a balance that is hard to strike which makes me love them even more! 

 This high chair, if it can even be called a high chair. 

I have been hesitant to buy a high chair because 1. we don't have a ton of space 2. I didn't want to have to
figure out how to store it when he outgrows it (storage is at a premium here) 3. I think most high chairs
are hideous and the ones I like are ridiculously expensive. 

I had seen this option when I googled space saving high chairs and was a little unsure about it (what
mom isn't afraid about their child being suspended in the air by something attached to a counter???)
but have been pleasantly surprised how much we all like it. 

I'm no longer chasing Eli around stuffing food in his face and he is content to be strapped in it, which is
unusual for him. The kid is not one for anything that constrains him i.e. car seat, stroller. Money well spent! 

This app. I'm obsessed with it, which surprises me because I looooove making lists. I'm talking, pen and
paper, writing it all out, crossing it all off when I'm done, I love everything about it. But this app makes it
so easy to import recipes, plan menus for the week (which I'm still working on being better at) and best of
all, it will add all the ingredients you need for your recipe to your shopping list without you having to type
in each individual item! Such a time saver. And so practical for moms whose kids attack their pads of papers 
and pens when they go to make lists. I wouldn't know anything about this of course...

And last but not least...PSL!!! 

Or Pumpkin Spice Lattes for those of you who don't measure the start of fall by Starbucks' release of
this seasonal drink. I actually haven't had one yet this year and have been fighting the urge to get one 
every day. The only thing saving me from spending ungodly amounts of money on coffee is the weather, 
which is still a bit toasty for warm pumpkin-y goodness. But this weekend is promising cooler temps 
so you can bet there's about to be a whole lot of non-fat PSL, one less pump, extra foam going on 
in the next week or so. 

It will be the perfect thing to soothe my sorrows of a summer that went by too fast.

More (not so) desperate moments coming your way soon!


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