Monday, September 16, 2013

Things I am Loving at the Moment Part 2

The other day when Blogger was being a pain in my boo-tay, I made a list of things I am currently loving. Somehow, some of the things on my list vanished into cyberspace. Grrrr I was ready to switch my platform right then and there but the thought of that frightens me to the Nth degree since I am technologically challenged and appreciate need the simplicity of Blogger.

The silver lining in all of it is that it gave me material for my next post. So, here you have it, more things that rock my world as of late. If you happened to read my blog in the few hours between when I published the post and when Blogger deleted chunks of it then you got the sneak peak on some of these. Lucky you.

This super easy tutorial for that effortless easy beach wave look.

Perfect for anyone who values sleep over getting ready, moms whose children have consumed every minute they once used to make themselves look halfway presentable, or anyone with limited time in the mornings. Also perfect for hair challenged women like myself. It's pretty much fool-proof. 

No pic for this next one because one awkward selfie is all the awkwardness this post can handle, but the "better bun" is my go-to at the moment. It's another super easy do that requires minimal time and no hair talent Trust me people, if I can pull these off, you can too. This one is perfect for those days when you just don't have the time to wash, dry and style your hair because you are too busy trying to get everyone you are responsible for fed, clothed and out the door while not leaving your living quarters left looking like a tornado just hit. 

And yes, "everyone you are responsible for" can just be yourself. Or just one kiddo. Or ten rugrats. Or your husband. It doesn't matter how many people you need to get out the door, if you're in a hurry, this hairstyle's for you.

My new cast iron skillet

I was given a gift card to Food Network for my birthday and have been drooling over everything in their online store ever since. My kitchen is pretty bare bones from all of our moving around so I contemplated long and hard what I wanted and needed the most.

After much thought, I finally decided that the cast iron was something I had been wanting for a looooong time and would be something I would use on a regular basis. I haven't even had a week and I have already used it at least 10 times. Money well spent!

Also with my gift card I got these ramekins from Rachel Ray's line of cookware. 

I haven't used them yet but this site has some great ideas that I can't wait to try this week. 

And my all time, absolutely most favorite thing right now comes from *surprise surprise* my little man. 

There's nothing in this world that can top that. Hope your Monday is treating you well! 


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