Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beautiful Things

Music has a powerful effect on me, especially praise and worship music, and especially music that is on my "Desperation" playlist, the playlist I made in a state of, well, desperation.

I distinctly remember when I made that list: heading out for a walk through our little village in Germany, walking by the beautiful magnolia bush, longing for God to intervene and bring us out of the trials that came down like an avalanche on our family. 

That was the spring of 2012. My dad was undergoing chemo and radiation. The window of opportunity for a future career in soccer seemed to be closing hard and fast on Luis. The precious little life that was forming in me was still in the fragile stages of the first trimester and I was plagued with fears of loss that were still lingering in my heart from the first pregnancy. 


One of the songs on that list is "Beautiful Things" by Gungor. 

"You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust. You make beautiful things, out of us."

I felt it was a promise that God was going to make something beautiful out of the dust that was falling all around us. I knew He was going to make something beautiful out of us through the refining fire of His love. 

Last week, Eli and I flew out west for a family reunion in Durango, Colorado. Day one of our vacation, as I sat in the kitchen of the lodge sipping my coffee, I watched that sweet little boy who, by the grace of God, grew healthy and strong in my body over the course of 9 months, crawl over to my Dad, who by the grace of God, is healthy and strong and cancer-free for over a year now. 

My dad, heart bursting with joy, lifted Eli up into the air as Eli squealed with laughter; and at that very moment, the aforementioned song came on shuffle on my grandfather's iPod that was playing in the background. 

Beautiful things. 


He makes beautiful things out of the dust. 

He makes beautiful things out of us. 

That moment was the perfect way to kick off a week filled with so many beautiful things:

Time with family 

Long runs in the mountains

Fresh air, which my lungs have been craving since moving to this urban environment in which we live

Fishing, which I really enjoy but somehow never manage to catch even one tiny fish every time we go

and an unexpected rainbow reminding us of God's faithful promises.

Colorado, in all its beauty, has a way of reminding you just how amazing God is. 

As we approach the one year mark since we got the call from New York, I am so thankful for all the beautiful things God has restored to us and then some. While our future remains uncertain, I know whatever happens, God will continue to make beautiful things out of our lives, if we continue to follow and trust Him. 


May you too, experience all the beautiful things He has in store for you today and the days to come. Happy Tuesday!


Elisa said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful post. I am SO glad that your life is so full of happiness and love! You guys really deserve it!

M. J. Neal said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely wonderful, Cara : )

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Cara! I always enjoy reading your blog and I'm grateful to have been in Colorado with you! :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your photos of faith rewarded and beautiful things discovered!

Madison @ Espresso and Cream said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful post, Cara! I am currently going through one of those tough moments in life, but one of the lessons God has taught me is that he is faithful and makes beautiful things out of heartbreak and sadness. So happy that you have so much beauty in this season of life!

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