Thursday, July 11, 2013

The One With...

If summer were to end today, this one could be filed away under the title of "The
One With all the Visitors and Vacations"

We are only halfway in and already we are rich with new adventures and memories with some amazing friends. 

And we still have family to come here and to go visit later this month and next.

This summer could also be filed away under the title of "The One With all the Sleep Problems".

Our on-the-go, out-of-routine summer life combined with the dreaded 8-10 month sleep regression have made for a wakeful, and sometimes playful, baby at hours when said baby's parents are not in a playful mood.

The mantra that gets us through those sleepless hours: "this too shall pass".

Oh Lord do I hope that's true.

A possible subtitle option could be "The One With the Technological Devices". Or lack there-of is more like it. If you are friends with me on Facebook you know that I lost my phone a few weeks ago.  

Oh, and Eli's pacifier, clip and all. Somehow the two ran off together never to be seen again.

Fortunately, thanks to my sweet sister who gave me the upgrade that was available on her account I was able to get a new phone. And thank God I did because now guess what crapped out on me? 

That would be our computer charger. If you don't recognize that Apple end piece that's because it's crazy old. Okay, only 5 years, but Apple years are equivalent to dog years so really it's 35 years old. 

It's such an old model that when we had to replace our chord last fall we had to find it on some obscure website because Apple no longer carries them.

Hopefully Luis remembers that website because there should be 4 prongs sticking up and there are only 2 which means it doesn't work, which means our computer is dead, which means I am even more glad now that I have a new phone or else I would not be able to type this. 

I would also be at a complete loss of what to do myself. No computer, no phone?? *gasp* How would I ever function in this modern world?!

Apart from missing the chance to text and face time with my fam, I think I could function just fine.  For a little while at least. I actually rather kind of enjoyed my week without a phone. I found it to be freeing.

And not having a working computer is proving to be the same. Today, the house was clean, the babe was napping, the husband was still at training and I allowed myself to do something I haven't done in a loooong time. I sat on the couch and read. 

And oh me oh my was it glorious.

As much as I love Facebook and Instagram and having Google at my fingertips for every random question that pops in my head, there's something to be said for unplugging every once in awhile. 

And maybe that's the whole lesson of my phone getting lost and computer unable to be charged. That in this summer of having friends visit and going to see family, that I live fully in the moment. That I disconnect so that I can better connect with the people around me and so I can experience more moments like this. 

That's the good stuff right there--a much needed relaxing day at the park with my boys. 

Keep on keeping on summer. I'm loving every minute of what you're bringing us so far, lost phone, dead computer, sleepless nights and all. 


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