Monday, July 22, 2013

Street Soccer

One of my favorite part of being married to a pro athlete is the opportunities it affords to be involved in community events.

Today, Luis got asked to participate in the Street Soccer USA National Cup.

Since it took place after church, Eli and I tagged along.

He lasted 5 minutes before he wanted out of his stroller. 

He made it 10 minutes before taking off his hat.

And he made it 0 minutes after spotting Luis to want go to him. Luis has taken over the title of favorite parent as Eli begins to realize what each of us provides: Mom = food, Dad = fun.

Good thing I got da milk or else I might be useless!

Anyway, back to the street soccer thang. Street Soccer USA was started by two brothers from Virginia in 2007. Their goal is to help homeless men and women dramatically transform their lives through the sport of soccer. 

Using the principles of athletics, they seek to help them develop not only on the field but in every aspect of their lives.

They work to help build a community for the homeless through soccer and then use that platform to help equip them with life skills and prepare them to enter the workforce by connecting them with jobs, education and housing.

This weekend SSUSA hosted a tournament to help raise money and awareness. Teams of homeless and formerly homeless people are competing for the chance to play in the final game which will take place tomorrow in Times Square. 

The winner will then go in to reprsent the US in the 48 Nation Homeless World Cup. 

Luis "coached" a team for one of the games, then kicked the ball around with a team of kids who were scheduled to play later in the day. 

Unfortunately I don't have pics of him playing with the kids because Eli and I went for a little walk at that point. 

It was so hot and, as you can see in some of the pics above, he was a little grumpy. We escaped to a shaded bench along the river where he perked up snd played...and flirted a little. 

Eli bid adieu to his girly-friend and we headed back to meet Luis so that we could grab some lunch and ice cream before heading home for naps.

Church, community and family. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 


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