Sunday, July 7, 2013

Speedy Summer Sangria

I have slacked on the blogging these last couple of weeks because my friend Miriam was visiting from Germany. 

We were out and about nearly every day, doing our best to give her the best American experience possible, and even getting to see some new things ourselves as well. 

Pics are to come, but to make up for my absence, I'd like to buy you a drink. Since that is pretty much impossible to do (unless you come visit me, then I will gladly buy you a drink), how about I give you a recipe for a delicious and simple summer beverage instead? Deal? Deal!

Appropriate names for this drink might include: Poor Man's Sangria. Impatient Girl's Sangria. Red Wine Limonada. Super Summer Sparkly Lemony Spritzer.

Whatever you call it, this drink is a little sweet, a little tart, a little bubbly--the perfect summer cocktail.  

Have I mentioned that there's wine involved? Fruity, delicious red wine. Could it get any better?

Luis learned about this drink from some of his teammates on a miserably hot day at training. Today was also hot, although not miserably, but still toasty enough for Luis to come up with the idea to make this little concoction after our walk this afternoon.

We were already out the door, but lucky for him, I had just happened to grab 9 spare dollars that were hanging out in my wallet thinking that maybe we might want to grab a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone or a Starbucks or something.

I liked his idea much better. So we headed down the hill to the liquor store, grabbed the cheapest bottle of red we could find, and then popped around the corner to the grocery store for lemonade. 

The wine cost $7.49, leaving us with $1.51 for the lemonade. The lemonade cost $1.77--26 cents more than we had. We were faced with a dilemma: Head back up the hill (with our baby in tow might I add) to grab more money and either walk back or drive to the grocery store, or ask someone for 50 cents.

If I had to make the decision, I would have gone home and got more money. My husband, however, is a bit more bold than I am and asked a guy for 50 cents. He questioned our need for it, as if we were bums asking for booze money. I guess technically we kinda were asking for booze money but still, we don't look like bums. He must have thought we were okay cause he gave us two quarters and went on his way.

Thirty minutes later we were back home, cooling off and sipping on our perfect summer drink. Well, Luis was sipping at least. I had to wait till I had fed little man one last time before bed.

It was well worth the wait. Tasty, easy and inexpensive, this would be perfect to serve up at a summer barbecue. Just be sure to drink it slow and limit yourself to just one or two servings--it goes down like juice making it rather dangerous to consume! 

Speedy Summer Sangria

1 bottle of Fruity Red Wine (we used Yellowtail's Shiraz Cabernet)
12 oz frozen Lemonade concentrate
Seltzer Water to taste

Combine wine and lemonade in a pitcher and stir well. If serving a crowd, mix the seltzer water into the pitcher with the wine and lemonade. If serving just one or two, pour the seltzer water into each individual glass so that the leftover wine/lemonade mixture won't lose it's fizz when stored in the fridge. Serve cold, on the rocks.


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