Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This last week we took our first family road trip down to Tennessee to visit our friends Matt and Britney and their little bun who is set to make his or her debut in August. 

11+ hours in a car with a 7 month old was a little risky on our part but we survived. He was actually pretty amazing the whole drive. We did have to make a few stops to let little man get some energy out but overall it was an easy trip. 

On the way down there we drove through the night since we could be guaranteed Eli would sleep most of the time. Crazy? Probably. But for the sake of our sanity, it was the best option. 

A bonus to the late night/early morning road trip: 

It had been awhile since I last saw a sunrise. I forgot how beautiful they are--not just in the colors splashed across the sky, but in the way they bring about this incredible awareness of the magnificence of our Creator. 

I was thankful for all the ways we got to see God's nature in nature this past week. 

Matt and Brit are housesitting for friends whose house sits along the Tennessee River.  

We took full advantage of the location and the good weather and enjoyed lots of time outdoors. 

Eli got to experience his first boat ride. 

Clearly he had a blast. 

Okay, he was a little freaked out. Poor kid. I soaked up every second of these increasingly rare cuddles.  

He had a lot of fun though once we slowed down and just floated along. 

His glasses kill me. 

As does this baby life jacket we put him in. 

And that smile of his? Don't even get me started. 

Thanks Brit for using your fancy camera to capture some of these moments. 

Someday, I will get me one of them fancy schmancy cameras. Until then, my iPhone will have to do. Seriously though, a face like this looks great in all cameras. 

And one last glasses shot. 

 Too cool for school.


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The picture where he is hugging you is so adorable! What a cute little baby :)

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