Wednesday, May 29, 2013

White Chocolate Wonderful

I have a peanut butter obsession. Rarely a day goes by where I don't have peanut butter on something--bananas, toast, in oatmeal, straight out of the jar. Yep, I said it. Straight out of the jar. And I'm not even ashamed. 

My husband does not share the same love for the ol' pb. It's not that he doesn't like it, it's just he rarely eats it. The number of days a year that I don't eat peanut butter would be more than the number of days he eats peanut butter. And considering the number of days I don't eat peanut butter is probably less than 10, that's not much peanut butter consumption on his part. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I came home in April after being away for 6 weeks, to find the refrigerator and cabinets completely bare (okay, that part didn't surprise me) except for one single, lonely, almost empty jar of peanut butter. But not just any peanut butter. White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co. 

Why this was the only purchase Luis made from the grocery store while I was gone is beyond me. Whatever inspired him to suddenly want white chocolate peanut butter, I will probably never know. But I don't care, because at that moment, I was a proud wife. He had discovered the greatness of peanut butter, and it didn't matter that it was white chocolate peanut butter, all that mattered was that he loved it, and I loved him all the more for it. 

As with most things that Luis loves to eat, jars of this stuff go fast which means our money does too if we want to stay stocked up. So one day I decided to whip up a jar of this stuff at home.

Now I'm in love with white chocolate peanut butter. Make some and you will be too. 

Guten Appetit! 

White Chocolate Peanut Butter
Adapted from How Sweet It Is

2 cups Raw Peanuts
1 cup White Chocolate Chips
1 teaspoon Vanilla
Sugar to taste

Preheat oven to 350. Spread the peanuts onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle lightly with salt. Roast peanuts 15-20 minutes in oven, stirring once or twice during cooking time. Remove from oven and let cool slightly. 

Toss peanuts in a food processor and puree until they begin to resemble peanut butter. While your peanuts are processing, melt the white chocolate chips in a double boiler, or in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

Add white chocolate to peanuts and process until smooth and creamy. Add sugar to taste (I think I added a teaspoon or two) and mix it in well. 

Eat straight out of the jar, drizzle over ice cream, spread it on toast, dip bananas in it....the possibilities are endless! 

*Note* Initially it will be quite runny but it will harden up in the fridge. Bring it to room temperature before serving for perfect peanut butter spreadability. Is that a word? If not, I just made it one. 


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