Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

A few months ago, we got to be a part of something that I can honestly say I would have never thought I would experience in my life.

We were on the set of a commercial shoot. 

And not just on the set of it, but actually in the commercial shoot.

Okay, well I wasn't in the commercial, but my parents were. 

How cute are they by the way?? Seriously, it's so fun watching them "date" each other again in their empty nest phase of life.  

While they were both in it, my dad was the star of the show.

Well actually, as usual, Eli ended up being the real star of the day. 


He was a HUGE hit with, well, everyone on set. That man sent a picture of himself with Eli to his wife in hopes that she would see his cuteness and want another baby.

This commercial thing was legit though. They rented someone's house for the day and took over, transforming it into my parents' "house". 

Before the shoot, they got his sizes and measurements so that they could have all these classy threads waiting for him when he arrived. 

He didn't get paid for the commercial but he did get to take home everything he wore which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  

That's Kim, Dad's personal shopper/dress-him-up-and-make-him-look-gooood-lady. She also does a little thing called makeup.  

That's right, Dad wore makeup. And he loved tolerated it. 

I made sure to get plenty of makeup shots. It was my favorite part of the day, and I'm sure my Dad's too. 

We can thank cancer for this fun and unique opportunity--a little reminder that good things can and do come from all situations. Dad was selected along with a few other people to tell his story and about his experience being treated at the University of Arizona Medical Center. Which, of course, was amazing! His team of doctors were and continue to be incredibly supportive and knowledgable every step of the way. 

We spent a full day--from 9 to 5--with the crew as they worked to capture every story, every angle and most perfect lighting as possible. They even tried a scene with Eli, but he got a little camera shy and his piece didn't make the cut. 

There went our chance at a baby modeling deal! 

Another thing they had prepped for him ahead of time was all the ingredients for Dad's famous (in our family at least) pancakes. That will be a recipe on here someday, I promise. 

He and mom had to pretend like they were making breakfast together, which of course they do every morning looking so perfect with their fancy clothes and perfect hair and makeup in their big kitchen where the light so perfectly shines in.  

It's amazing how they can create the illusion of morning when really it was late afternoon.

What's even more amazing is, we spent the ENTIRE day shooting for a whole 30 seconds of air time. I don't know how I would feel putting that much work into something and seeing about 90% of it ending up on the cutting room floor. 

I guess it was all worth it though because the commercial turned out pretty good. Short and sweet as my Mama said. Check it out, or maybe some of you Arizona peeps will catch it on tv sometime. I think it is supposed to run throughout the year.

Happy almost weekend!


Madison @ Espresso and Cream said... Best Blogger Tips

How wonderful! And I so enjoyed getting a little glimpse of your family on the commercial. Happy to see that your dad is doing well. My dad is also a cancer survivor (prostate cancer) so I know what it is like to be extra thankful to have him around!

Karlberg Fam said... Best Blogger Tips

that was super cool! i just love your parents! what a great success story!

Deb said... Best Blogger Tips

Very well written post, Cara, and of course a very captivating subject. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, that made my day! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look.

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