Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Ridiculousness

A little while ago, I ordered a gift for Luis from Nordstrom. 

A few days later, two packages arrived for me, both from Nordstrom. The smaller box contained the gift I had ordered. And then there was this strange, rather large box. 

When I opened it, it seemed empty, and I thought, "Why in the world did they send me an empty box??"

And with all this packaging inside as if it contained something fragile? 

I was about to toss it all when I remembered that at the online checkout, they offered me three free samples with my purchase. I selected a perfume, an eye cream and something else, I don't remember. Maybe lip gloss or something. 

I wondered why they weren't in the box with my purchase, but thought, surely they didn't send me a giant box, stuffed with paper for three measly little samples?

Oh yes, surely they did. I give you, my three itty-bitty free samples. 

Notice how they are made of paper and plastic? And they're all under 2 inches in size? How that warranted so much packaging is beyond me. 

I guess they really wanted to make sure I got my free samples, safe and undamaged. Once again, Nordstrom goes above and beyond--albeit, a little over the top in this case. 


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