Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Hello

Elliot and I are currently in Dallas visiting my grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins.

We were in San Diego last weekend, Dallas this week, New Mexico next week and finally back to Jersey in two weeks. The little man sure does get around the country. If only we could begin racking up the miles for him!

You can guess by my lack of blogging that I haven't been on the computer much. But I do have a guest post coming your way from a friend of mine if I can figure out how to use a PC again! Otherwise I will get it up when I get back home to my familiar ol' Mac.  

Until then, enjoy some yummy baby chub.

How cute is this outfit my Grandma made for him?!

My Dad is Eli's number one babysitter. This picture makes me wonder just what they do while I'm son seems to know what to do a little to well for his age, hmmmm Daaaddd???

Happy Friday everyone!


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