Monday, February 4, 2013


One of the great things about my sister blogging along here with me now is that I open up Blogger and find wonderful little surprises in the list of drafts. This morning I got a sneak peak of the next Recipe of the Week and wow. wow. wow. are you gonna love it. 

During our snowbird vacation to Florida these past couple of weeks, we ate at some really cool places. And we ate a lot of seafood. A lot of seafood. We had per diem and we weren't gonna let it go to waste gosh darnit. 

Our first stop was Siesta Key Oyster Bar. A friend of ours and his girlfriend drove up from Tampa and picked this local favorite based on the positive online reviews it got. 

The food was great; we all went the blackened shrimp and oyster route, perfectly seasoned with your choice of two sides. Between the four of us we tried the grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries and roasted potatoes. All were equally delicious. Mine also came with a crab cake which I planned on only eating half but I just couldn't stop, it was so good. Before I knew it, my plate was clean and I was one very satisfied customer. 

But wait, where are the pictures? Oh yeah. Sorry about that. My hunger took over my brain and so I forgot that important detail. Pics are kind of key to a restaurant review in my opinion, but you can use your imagination I'm sure. Or you could just go and check it out for yourself because really, all the pictures would make you want to do is get on the next flight to Siesta Key so I'm just saving you from drooling all over your computer.

You're welcome. 

I did get one (not so great) shot of the oysters, which we of course had to try. It is an oyster bar after all.  

I also got pictures of the joint itself, which is almost as appealing as the food. This place was so cool. 

It is the quintessential little seafood beach shack with just enough run down-ness to give it character but just enough, uh, non-run down-ness (???) to make you want to eat there.  

The main decor feature are the walls (and ceiling) which are covered in dollar bills. 

The tradition started back when the sailors would come in for a drink at the bar. When they shipped out, they would staple their money to the wall so that it would be there when they got back from sea.

The tradition stuck, and now restaurant patrons can leave their own mark with a heavy duty staple gun provided by your server and a dollar bill provided, obviously, by you.

If you're ever in the Sarasota area, check out Siesta Key. Spend the day with your toes in sand so soft you'd think it was baby powder. 

Afterwards, head on over to SKOB for a good drink and an even better meal. It's the perfect cure for those cold winter blues.   


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