Friday, December 21, 2012

To Be Surprised or Not to Be...

I totally thought I posted this last Monday. As in, not four days ago Monday, the Monday before that. It wasn't until my husband was telling me later in the week that I needed to blog again when I realized it never published. Sorry about that. I swear one of these days I will get back into regular posting. One of these days....

Anywho, here is what I intended to bore you with last week. Enjoy :) 

Someone messaged me a few weeks ago with the following two questions:

1. "My husband and I are not going to be finding out the sex of our baby and I wonder how you dealt with all of the questions and looks from others? So far the most annoying is 'how will you buy them clothes or what will people get you for your baby shower?' um really..? I have to laugh and just say I guess my kiddo will be naked then."

2. I also wanted to know if you had a feeling of one sex over the other or if it ever slipped out during a doctor visit/ultrasound? 

haha I love her response to the first one. I'm going to have try that one next time around, because, yes, we will wait to find out the sex whenever we decide we are ready for Baby Nummer Zwei. Sorry Mama. I know how much it killed you not knowing last time. But really, you guessed it was a boy all along anyway so it's like you knew the whole time right? 

Anyway, it got me thinking that others might have similar questions on what it was like to 
wait to find out the gender of what we now know is our son.

I'm gonna answer the second question first because the answer is fairly short and simple.

In the very beginning I had a dream that we had a girl but in every dream after that we had a boy. I always had a feeling that we would have a boy, although, towards the end I did start to think "Well, what if it is a girl?" Everyone was so set on it being a boy--literally EVERYONE, one woman came up to me in the grocery store and said "Let me guess, you are having a boy? I can just tell you are having a boy"--that I started to think maybe God would surprise us all and give us a girl. However, even with that, deep down in my gut I knew it was a boy. 
And no, the doctor never once slipped. I even had three different doctors during this pregnancy because of all of our moving around and not one doctor or nurse ruined the surprise for us. They were all really good about showing us just the face on the ultrasound.

Two times though I did see that area and one time I thought I saw something and the other time I thought I didn't see anything so that helped keep me guessing.  

As far as people's reactions to our decision go, they were mixed.

Our family gave us a hard time, but in a fun way and only because they were dying to shop for their first grandbaby/niece/nephew etc. 
Older People with a few more years under their belt often said "That's how we always did it back when I was having babies!"

People who are planners often said "Oh I could never do that! I'd have to know as soon as possible." 

People who also chose to wait told us it was the BEST experience ever. 

And yes, we often were asked, how will you know what to buy for the baby?

I will admit, there were times when I thought "Gosh, it would be really nice to know what we are having." But those times were mostly limited to me wandering around Babies R Us or Target and seeing an adorable little outfit for a boy or a girl and wanting to just buy something fun for our little one. 

Outside of those few moments of weakness though, I just figured, when it came to baby gear, we would want something neutral regardless of whether we knew or not because we wanted whatever we purchased to last through multiple kids. 

After searching the internet over, I settled on the Bright Starts Ingenuity in Briarcliff for the play yard, bouncer and swing.


I love the simplicity of this design and have been very satisfied with the functionality of each piece. We even use the pack-n-play as his crib and changing table.

As far as clothes go, we bought a few sets of white onesies--both long and short sleeve--as well as these side snap shirts

Those are Luis' favorites becuase they are so easy to get on and off. Plus they have those hand covers that you can just pull over the baby's hands so they don't scratch themselves.

I also ordered a few sets of gowns, sleepers and pants from Old Navy in grey and tan.

I love, love, love these and will be sad when he outgrows them. The gowns aren't the manliest of pjs but they make for easy on, easy off and are great for middle of the night diaper changes.

My advice if you want to buy clothes is to stick with greys, whites and tans. Maybe even teal. I say this because we received some really cute green and yellow little onesies and even though they are "gender neutral", when we put them on him they make him look a little girlie. Total bummer too cause they're adorable! 

That's pretty much all I bought and you know what? It was all I needed to buy because as soon as he was born and people found out he was a boy we received so many adorable little boy outfits. 

We literally got a package every day for the first month or so. It was so bad that even the girl working the concierge desk made a comment to Luis saying "Man, your wife really likes to shop online huh?"

Every time I get a package now I make sure to tell her that I did not order whatever is in the box she hands me. That we just have really generous and kind friends and family and Eli is one loved little boy.

People can't resist baby clothes, so whether you know the sex before or after, your baby will have plenty of things to wear. Trust me. He or she will most certainly not go without. Even if your baby doesn't get showered with a closet full of clothes, they don't need much, so you wouldn't have to buy too many outfits. Just grab a few sleepers, onesies and sweatpants and you're good to go!

Recipe of the week to come soon because my sister is much more on top of life than I am and already has the post ready to go. Happy holiday weekend!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I am dying of this boy's cuteness, Cara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara B said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this Kara. We are having #3 and are not going to find out the gender (we did find out with Hannah & Emmett). It's probably the least convenient time to be surprised since we still live overseas and we are currently in the states and could easily pack clothes for this one to bring back but it's worth the surprise. The tan and grey stuff from O.N. sounds like a good idea - thanks mentioning that.
Hope you guys are doing well!

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