Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things I Learned in the past week...

1. Thanksgiving is THIS week, not next week. 

Somehow in my mind I always think Thanksgiving is on the 27th. Fortunately, my sweet gal pal Britney enlightened me to the fact that it is in fact on the 22nd this year. Which is very exciting because she and her husby are actually coming to spend Turkey Day with me and my husby, which means I don't have to wait as long as I thought I did to see her! 

Such a great surprise. And much better than me finding out tomorrow and having to welcome them into the disaster that was our apartment two days ago before we did some major organizing and cleaning. 

But let's just be honest here, she's really coming to see this little guy right here. 

Speaking of the little guy....

2. Elliot has some unique sleeping positions. 

Arms straight up in the air.

Arms straight out.

He's all about the arms. 

The other day he was sleeping on Luis' chest and he just kept scooting over and over until he was literally just hanging off of him. 

I'm pretty sure he would have scooted right off if we hadn't stopped him.

3. Seeing my husband with my son melts my heart. 

Luis adores Eli. In a way that I never could have imagined he would. It's so fun watching him play with him and imagining how much Eli will look up to his daddy in the years to come. 

The two of them have started a little routine where Eli hangs out with Luis after his morning feed and before Luis has to get up for training. 

Sometimes they sleep, sometimes they play. 

It's one of my favorite parts of the day seeing them begin to build the special bond that they will forever share. I am so in love with the two of them. 

And speaking of my love for my boys...

4. I have an obscene amount of pictures on my phone. 

I was starting to get a little embarrassed by how many shots I have of Mr. Elliot but I didn't think anything of it really until yesterday when I uploaded--are you ready for this?--922 pictures!!!!

Some were pictures people sent me, and others Luis took and sent to me, but I would guess at least 800 of them were me snapping pic after pic of my baby. 

In my defense, I usually have to take at least 10 pictures to get one good shot where he's looking at the camera and his hands didn't blur because he's constantly moving them. 

Then again, I just can't resist moments like this.  

Nooo, I did not take that during church...

5. When a sign says "No Standing" as in no parking, even if it's Sunday, and even if 10 other cars are parked there, do as the sign says and don't park there. If there's an open parking spot in the city, there's a reason for why it's open, and 99.99% of the time that reason is that it's not a parking spot. 

These boxes and trash bags weren't there when we parked. Trash on one side and traffic on the other made for an interesting time getting ourselves and the car seat in the car cleanly and safely. 

And last but not least...

6. There are Christmas Markets in New York! We met another couple at the one in Bryant Park on Sunday and while we didn't walk around enough for me to say what it is like, we did enjoy the most amazing cup of hot chocolate I have ever had and had fun people watching around the ice skating rink. 

Max Brenner's Italian hot chocolate. Rich, creamy and oh so sinful. I don't even want to think about what's in it. So I won't. I'll just go enjoy another one later this week when we tour the market a little more. 

Happy week of giving thanks!


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