Friday, August 24, 2012

Successful Day

Yesterday, we felt like we were on top of life, which is quite a rare feeling for us!

We got New Jersey licenses, which poor Luis learned through a long and frustrating day on Wednesday when he tried to complete the purchase of the car we found on Craig's list, is a requirement in order to buy a car here.

Dude wouldn't let me smile, or even show my teeth which makes it really difficult, for me at least, to take a good picture. Luis can pull off that whole "I look really cool when I don't smile" thing but not me. 

Oh well, given our current pattern of moving almost yearly, as well as the possibility that exists within the MLS to be traded, it is highly likely that we end up somewhere else in the next couple of years so I will most likely have to get a new one then. Maybe that state will be a little more welcoming of smiles.   

I have mixed feelings about this whole license thing. I hated surrendering my Arizona license. I felt like I was giving up my citizenship or something--I'm quite partial to my homestate. Plus, the AZ licenses just look better and they don't expire till you're 65 which is freakin' awesome. That always elicited fun comments from people not from AZ when they would see the expiration date...2051 for me....although on Wednesday, they thought Luis' was fake because of it.     

New Jersey licenses mean we survived the DMV which is a major feat in any state. It also means we could buy our new (to us) car!

Our first major purchase as a married couple, unless you count our kitchen of course which we had to buy (and then sell) when we lived in Germany.

And our final celebration of the day? We didn't have a baby! As I type that, it sounds really bad, but considering little Robles has 8 more weeks to get nice and fat in my belly, it's a VERY good thing that he/she (or "shim" as my sister has taken to calling the babe) was not forced to grace us with his or her presence.  

On Monday my amniotic fluid measured at just 5 cm. Ideally they like to see it around 12. The doc said that if it didn't increase, we may have to look at delivering the baby. It was a pretty crazy thought to think that we could have become parents yesterday. Part of me was sort of fearing it would happen because God always seems to mix up our plans someway or another. 

Most of the time we end up waiting a lot longer for things than we expect to, hence the reason we were unemployed all summer long. This time however, I was a little worried that He would switch it up and decide that, the one thing we were perfectly okay waiting a little longer for, He would bring early!  

Fortunately, that was not the case. My fluids went from 5 to 15 in just 3 days time and I have been set free from bed "arrest". I use the term "free" loosely however as I am still instructed to keep my activity limited and will be monitored weekly to make sure my body is doing what it's supposed to to keep baby healthy. 

Licenses, a set of wheels and no baby, a very successful day indeed. Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well this is my 3rd attempt at trying to leave a message, it's obvious that I just don't understand this 21st century technology. I like the car!

Risha said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad things are going well! Sending positive thoughts your way!

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