Monday, August 20, 2012

Life (so far) in the BIG City

Yikes! I know I left you all in the dark since my last post but between Carissa's wedding (check out her gorgeousness here!), packing till 2 in the a.m. after the wedding, getting on a plane 8 hours later, landing in Newark, getting insurance, searching for an apartment, being shocked by prices of the apartments, finding a car, being in awe that we can see New York City as we drive around and paying a heck of a lot of tolls, we have been a bit preoccupied. 

I have been dying to blog as there are so many things I want to share and when I finally found a moment to get started on uploading pics I discovered that I can't find my camera cord! 

Total. Let. Down.

So I hear I sit, typing out a plain ol' picture-less entry, attempting to make it as colorful as possible despite it's lack of well, color. 

Let me just give you a quick run down of what we did each day this week:

Luis went to training. We searched for apartments online. We viewed the apartments we found online. We got discouraged that the apartments we found online weren't what we thought. We ate. We searched for more apartments. We went to bed. We did the same thing the next day. 

Pretty exciting huh? After getting over our sticker shock of the cost of living here, we have tossed aside our requirements for a two bedroom and gone with the more affordable option of a one bedroom. 

We're gonna have to get creative around here to figure out what the best arrangement for baby will be! 

But considering the fact that, on our way to the most affordable two bedroom option we found, we A. realized I would be the ONLY white person in the area and B. saw a prostitute working it on the street, we decided we would rather be cramped cozy and safe than have space and be, well, not so safe.

Not that being the only white person in the area means it's not safe, please don't think that's what I'm saying at all, just that, well, you could just tell, you know, it probably wasn't the greatest neighborhood to bring baby home to.  

It's a whole new world out here on the East Coast...more foreign to me even than Germany I feel at times! Our first day here we definitely felt like little small town kids lost in the big city, but we are adjusting quickly. And we are loving the adventures along the way!

Adventures that I could show you and tell you about if I could just find that darn camera cord. Oh the troubles of moving, things get lost in the chaos and shuffle along the way. 

Pray it turns up, for your sakes really, so you don't have to just read a bunch of ramblings from now on. 

Luis had his first game today, goes on his first trip tomorrow and I have my first doctor's appointment here in Jersey. Hopefully, I will get to finish with this one! He will be doctor number 3 in this pregnancy so I'm hoping that whole "third time's a charm" thing applies here. We shall see...

More to come from life in the Garden State and adventures in the City that Never Sleeps. Hope you had a great weekend!


Charity Santiago said... Best Blogger Tips

You will be just fine in a one-bedroom! Dante slept in his crib in our room until he was a year old. I'm sure you'll prefer to have baby close at night for the first year or two anyway. Good luck with the apartment search!

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