Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go to Bed

Can you believe I am posting again? Twice in the span of 24 hours??? 

Well there might be a heck of a lot more (pictureless) blogging around here because I have been put on bedrest. Yay. (insert sarcastic tone) 

Baby is swimming in a pool with not enough water, or in my doctor's terms, my amniotic fluid is low. The doctor said they often see that in moms who have been running around doing too much.

While it came as a surprise this morning, I have, at times, feared that this would be coming. It's been a crazy busy summer between all our moves and my sister's wedding that had me on my feet more than I would have liked. I can replay everything in my head, wrestle with the guilt and go through the should have, would have, could have's but I know I did my best to do what I had to do while still keeping the health of our baby in mind by moving slow, staying calm, taking breaks and resting when I could. 

Ultimately, this little one's life is in God's hands. So here I lay, not sit, lay, praying, praying, praying that the Lord will replenish the fluid to the appropriate levels through rest and lots and lots of water and allow this baby to keep growing healthy and strong to full term.

When I used to imagine what it would like to be pregnant, never did I ever think how much of a faith builder it would be! Between the miscarriage, the fears I have battled through this pregnancy as a result of the miscarriage and now this, I realize more and more how much pregnancy requires complete and utter surrender, trust and reliance on God's sovereignty in all circumstances, no matter the outcomes. 

Baby Robles is still on track in terms of growth and weight and he/she had a good strong heartbeat so pray with a little rest and a lot of liquids his/her little water home replenishes itself to keep him/her cozy and safe these last 8 weeks. 

Hope your Monday is off to as relaxing (and less worrisome) of a start as mine has been :)


Laura De Anda said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cara - Hang in there. Some insight - I had low amniotic fluid as well starting at 35 weeks. We ended up inducing at 38 1/2 because we got down really really low. But hopefully this will ease your worry/stress - it fluctuates a lot week to week. Go by doctor's orders and get some rest, drink LOTS of water and you should be ok. You need to slow down in your last weeks anyway, rest will be hard to come by, especially as birth draws nearer - it becomes harder to sleep. Also - I know you have switched doctors alot, and I am assuming you are back on health insurance - but I hope you're getting stress tests (I think it's called NST testing). If not, I would ask your doctor about it. Once I started getting low fluid, we went every three days. Labor intensive, but gives you a piece of mind, in addition to your prayers that all is well.

Julie t said... Best Blogger Tips

Cara - I am a little behind on keeping up with you! I am tired from your blogs and I am not pregnant ! What a whirlwind summer!
I always am thinking about you and praying that all is well with you. I know your faith SMS wonderful positive attitude keeps you going but always know there are tons of people ( including me) holding you up in our thoughts and prayers :)

Katie Fulbright said... Best Blogger Tips

Cara- you can do it. Read, write, blog,knit, catch up on TV shows and movies, and do all the things you can do while you are laying down. I am a labor and delivery nurse and have been for some time now and I have seen several women with low amniotic fluid or oligohydramnios. Just make sure you are actually sticking to being on bedrest. only get up to go to the bathroom, get yourself something to eat, shower, or the other little necessities. No long time cooking like I know you love to do with your yummy cinnamon rolls you made with Niccole =). Just remember it is for the baby's and your safety. I agree with Laura about the NST's. You are probably considered "high risk" and should have 2 NST's weekly to check on the baby's heart rate and monitor to ensure you arent contracting. Dont let the high risk thing scare you that just means you are special and get more monitoring =). if you have any questions let me know. Love you so much and praying for you daily

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