Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Week in Photos

Good news! The camera cord has been located.

Bad news? It's in Arizona. 

Good news! I have an iPhone, that may not have service and does me no good when I'm lost, but it does still takes pics and fortunately, I have managed to snap a few with it since we've been here. 

So, here it is, a few of our first week in adventures through the lens of the iPhone. 

We managed to cut down our eleven suitcases to seven and a stroller for the move out East. We ordered the stroller a few weeks ago because we got an amazing deal on it that included a free Britax car seat so we snatched it up.

Unfortunately, we weren't expecting to get moved all the way across the country so figuring out how to get the baby stuff out here is still a work in progress but we did manage to get one thing out here with us: the stroller. 

We took advantage of the airline's policy that strollers can be gate checked and don't count as a carry on. We just hoped no one would notice that we didn't actually have a baby with us, one that was visible at least. 

We got a few strange looks through the airport--they'd look at the stroller, see our bags, look at me, look at the stroller and then just get sort of this look of "huh?" on their face--but whatev.

It was quite handy and made traveling so much easier! I loved not having to lug my carry ons around. I think I could get used to this whole traveling with a stroller thing.

This is our daily view as we drive the highways of NJ.  

Still can't believe NYC is just a quick 15 minutes from us, without traffic of course. Even less if we end up living down near the Hudson. 

We have had our first official slice of New York pizza. 

And by slice I mean 3. For Luis at least. 

Some friends of ours, who we were fortunate enough to have met a few years ago with the National Team and then our paths crossed again in Germany, are also with the Red Bulls. 

They welcomed us to the city by taking us to Lombardi's, which is apparently America's first pizzeria. It's been in business for more than 100 years, and I can see why. It's got some gooood pizza!

The food in New York is unreal. There are so many amazing and cool looking places to eat. I may need to get a side job so we can afford to try them all!

Luis had his first game on Sunday. 

The stadium is incredible. He is really enjoying being here and says that the way the club does things is kind of how he always imagined being a professional would be like. 

And that is the extent of my iPhone pics because unfortunately, this is all I have been seeing as of Monday. 

Thank God for Kindles, laptops with internet, TBS with all day sitcoms, the glorious Food Network and cell phones that wonderful parents can call daily to check in and help me pass the time awayWhat did women do on bed rest before all these wonderful inventions??? 

Praying for a good report from the doctor in the morning or else I may be taking up knitting or crocheting or something that doesn't involve a screen if this goes on too much longer. Or, if things are really not turning around, we may be becoming parents much sooner than anticipated. Yikes! 

I certainly have been getting that anxious feeling of wanting to meet our baby, but I pray it's not tomorrow for his or her sake. More to come in the morning... 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Cara,

you ate at Lombardis, right? :)

Hope you're all good and enjoy the time being there.

Greetings to Luis.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Jim said he envys you eating at Lombardis. We
think that iswhere we ate when we were there.
Love, Aunt Geri

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