Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I've Been Cooking

There's a whole lot of cooking that goes on in our home throughout the week. Partly because I have a hungry bear for a husband who prefers his wife's home cookin' to eating out here and partly because I love to play around in the kitchen. 

Lately I have made a few things that have just been too amazing to make any significant changes to the recipe. So I thought I would share those with you today and link you up to their respective sources of all the goodness.

First up, a fabulous Pinterest find: Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole from Cook Lisa Cook

This was a huge hit with Luis and his Monday night men's Bible study. Plus it makes a ton which means you can feed three guys with unusually large appetites and still have some leftover for the next day or two. Total win in my book.

Another great man food found on Tasty Kitchen: Korean Fried Chicken from Simple Comfort Food.

And last but not least, something a little less manly: Multigrain Bread from Our Best Bites. 

This recipe was shared with me from my gal Britney, who seriously needs to start a blog so I can link it to her name every time I mention the latest great recipe she shared with me. 

This bread is so good that she even mailed me a bag of the seven grain cereal called for in the recipe so I could make this right away. Thanks Brit! 

What kind of tools and/or resources do you all use for culinary inspiration?


Ande said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! I'll have to try that potato casserole. I usually just read your blogs in Google Reader but I clicked over to comment today. I like the new look!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm definitely going to try the potato chicken casserole. I really like your recipe suggestions : )

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, the bread was a huge hit in Cedar Crest. The recipe made two large loaves and I shared one with the Kellers. We all pronounced it some of the best bread we've ever eaten. Our thanks to Britney and to you for passing the recipe along. Yum yum! nb

Sara B said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome recipe Cara! I made the loaded potato buffolo chicken casserole two nights ago - BIG HIT!!! Thanks for posting! Maybe we'll get to see you guys on our way back through Germany? We will be through in August and again in January.

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