Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Spring is slowly making its way into Germany, teasing us with warm sunny days sprinkled in among chilly ones this past week and a half. 

This could possibly be my favorite time of year in Germany. There is just such an amazing energy those first few gorgeous spring days when the sun is shining and you can actually feel a bit of its warmth on your white skin that is more than happy to get a few rays of color after the long winter months that left it as white as the snow that winter brought. 

The minute the sun makes its grand entrance declaring a new season is on its way, everyone goes outside. And almost everyone heads to the ice cream shops. Seriously, you cannot pass 5 people on a sunny day without at least one of them licking up an ice cream cone.

Cafes set up their outdoor seating and eager customers eat cake and sip lattes in the sun.

Okay, we were inside, but that's cause we are Arizona wimps and the day we were out and about would have been considered a "cold" day in Arizona. The forecast let us down hard. 

But the Germans were not deterred. The forecast said 70 and partly sunny and they were bound and determined to live it up as if it really were 70 and not cloudy with a chilly breeze in the least bit.   

Luis and I chose instead to enjoy some prime-time seating at Starbucks, right in front of the big window that overlooks the main street, perfect for people watching. 

Despite the cool temps, we did manage to bundle up and take a stroll through my most favorite place to go when the sun comes out (or in this case, tries to come out): the Schlosspark.

The park is my favorite because it is usually full of people taking part in so many different activities. 

There are volleyballs bumped around. Pickup games of soccer. Musicians jamming away. Old men strategizing over a game of (life-size) chess.  

There are so many fun and interesting games that people play that involve throwing sticks or balls or things of that nature. Think along the lines of horseshoes. 

Unfortunately, every time I tried to take a picture of them would just happen to be the very moment when they were switching sides or taking a break or perhaps just avoiding the creepy girl with her husband taking pictures of them in the park.

This little old man on the left was playing some metal ball throwing game that I often see people play in the park but always forget what it's called. 

Another thing you are guaranteed to see on a sunny day in the Schlosspark are the wire walkers. Or band walkers. Or whatever they are called. 

This is so fascinating to me. I just wonder what inspires people to go out on a sunny day, by themselves, tie a band between two trees and just walk across it. 

But apparently, as I learned on Saturday, my husband does it on a weekly basis. Minus the whole by his self thing. The goalkeeper coach he works out with has been having him do it for the last couple of weeks. Luis says it's really challenging, but also really cool to see the improvement each week. Perhaps I may just have to try it out on the next sunny day we get.  

Something we would have preferred to see less of on our stroll: make out sessions. 

Many of which spurred good conversation between Luis and I as their extremely young ages made us question "What would we do if that was our daughter/son rolling around in the grass like that?" 

We have been having lots of good conversation as we have been enjoying many a good walk these days.

Walks to the grocery store. 

Walks from the tram stop at night. 

I just had to stop and take a picture of the sweet flowers popping up along the way. 

They just shouted "Spring is here!" to me with their bright yellow that refused to be hidden by the dark of the night. 

Who knows what our future holds--who knows what will happen with Luis' career come June when his contract is up, who knows where we will be living, who knows what God has in store for us. 

We sure don't have a clue, but for now, in the unknown, we are enjoying each step of the way, taking advantage of every sunny (literally and figuratively) day we are given in this beautiful country that we live in. 

Happy Spring everyone!


Frank Hartmann said... Best Blogger Tips

The game with the metal balls is probably 'boule' or 'petanque' :).
I hope that just like nature blossoming in springtime and preparing for a new beginning, there will also be a new opportunity sprouting for Luis' career.
I'd love to have the two of you around for another year or two, but as that's probably (much to my regret) out of question, I'd also settle for anything you're happy with. Enjoy the springtime :-)


Risha said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Spring! I love this time of year, too, when the crocuses and fruit-trees are just starting to bloom, and the ducks seek their mates. Here's hoping for more gorgeous weather!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite part of spring and summer is riding my bike throught the Schlosspark and people watching.

That rope that people tie between trees is called a slackline. My brother gave my other brother one for Christmas. I don't really understand it, but what do I know?

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