Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hey there dear readers. I just took an unplanned blogging vacay. By unplanned vacay I mean I kinda sorta hit a major writer's block slash I kinda sorta forgot to even write anything on my blog slash I mostly just had my attention on more important things than my blogging rambles. 

More important things like being home with my family, loving on my Dad the best I can through probably one of the greatest, most difficult trials of his life.

You can check out his blog for more on how he's doing. Not on the blog post though is the news that they have decided to delay radiation for this week in order to give his body some time to heal and recover. His face, mouth and throat are severely raw and he's in a lot of pain. Hopefully this short break will give him the strength he needs to get through the last 7 radiation treatments! 

They have also decided to stop giving him chemo. 

Since the chemo was an extreme precaution taken in the first place to rid him of any microscopic cells that may have remained after the surgery, the doctors feel, based on how well his body is responding to the treatment, there is no need to continue to torture him with the poison. 

That is encouraging to my Dad because well, chemo sucks big time. And it's encouraging to me because that hopefully means this ugly cancer thing has packed up and moved out of my poor Dad's body. 

Also while I was home, I soaked up a little bit of "sunshine" from this sweet girl. 

That would be my cousin Kiersten. She is such a joy. I can't even begin to put into words how much I adore her. When we flew home, right after losing the baby last year, I asked my grandparents, who were driving out for my Dad's 50th birthday, to bring Kiersten because I just needed some Kiersten in my life. That's the kind of affect she has on me. She's just a breathe of fresh air when life is getting you down. So positive, so loving, so cheerful. 

She's also a good reminder to try and live my life with her perspective and to love people the way she loves people. She greets people with the same enthusiasm every time. 

Whether she's seeing you for the first time in ten years or whether she saw you that morning. Whether she's known you her whole life or whether she's meeting you for the first time. You can be guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and a great big "Hey guys!"

And don't even get me started on her sweet cuddles and spontaneous "I love yous". Melts. my. heart!

As nice as it is to be home, and as much as I am so incredibly grateful to be there, it's always bittersweet when Luis isn't with me. And it's always really great to come back to him; back to our life, to our routines, back to just being with my best friend. 

There really are few better things in this world. And so, on that note, I'm wrapping up this long overdue update to enjoy some Blue Bloods  (GREAT show by the way...good stories, intriguing, and most importantly, clean!! A good one for the whole fam) with my guy. 

Back to regular posting this week. Maybe I'll even throw in some chocolate to make up for my long absence. :) Happy end of the week!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cara
I posted a message to your Facebook page - did you get it? Miss you tons
Thinking and praying for you and your family

Julie Trujillo

stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

It's nice to have you back!!! :)

Risha said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, everyone needs a Kiersten in their lives. She sounds amazing!

I will say a prayer for your dad. I hope things get better for him fast, Cara!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet Cara, how are you doing and how is Luis? It must be difficult to be away from your Mom, Dad and Carissa especially while your Dad is going through this trial but I also understand how good it can be when you get back to your own routine and spot in life with Luis. I am now in Florida with my brother Paul who has MS. Hopefully we will be able to get him started on the necessary paperwork to get him on disability. He is pretty much always in pain and cannot work enough to support himself. Prayerfully hoping this will be a fruitful trip. I'm so happy that your your Mom is coming to Ft. Hood again and I will be able to see her, she is such a special person to me! Please take good care of yourself and Luis as I pray that things will be well for you two. Big hugs (you know I'm all about the hugs) and love coming your way across the miles. Love Marie

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