Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's been cold here. Freezing cold. Cold like we put our chicken out on the balcony 5 days ago because there was no room in our freezer and it was still frozen even after sitting inside, thawing for a couple hours cold. 

I now know why German freezers are so small. Because for at least a couple months of the year they have a giant freezer outside. As in their freezer is THE outside. That and they aren't into frozen dinners like my convenience driven motherland. 

But this outdoor freezer thing, why have I not realized this before??? Oh wait, because I grew up in a town whose winter is most people's summer. You put chicken outside and it would be cooked in an hour.

Okay, maybe not cooked, more like spoiled. But definitely not frozen.   

All freezing cold joking aside, we have been pretty blessed with the weather this year because this is the first serious cold that we've had this winter. 

We got our first snow on Tuesday. 

That powdery stuff just rolled on in overnight and surprised us with a blanket of white the next morning. Yes, I took that picture in the morning. Early early in the morning. 

The snow made for a fun first day back (since before Christmas) with my Kindergarten kiddos. 

One of my most favorite things about winter are all the little munchkins all bundled up in their puffy snowsuits. 

So friggin cute!

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be a parent because it's about all I can do but burst with joy when I am with them. I just love the wittle puffers and their awesome hugs and their sweet innocence and the way they are just so happy all. the. time. They melt my heart that's for sure.

Today was a balmy -5. That's 23 degrees for us Fahrenheit peeps. 

So we bundled up and went for a walk. And tried to get the pretty horses to play with us along the way.

I cropped my big glove out, but Photobucket keeps posting the original for some reason....

I always wanted a shetland pony when I was a little girl. 

...same with this one. Just ignore my finger there. 
I used to check the horse book out from the library and pick out all the ones I wanted to have. But I never actually saw one until I moved to Germany. They're even cuter in real life.  

Little munchkin horses are so adorable. 

The day was perfect. 

A bit cold for our faces but nothing a freakishly warm, Star Wars-android-looking hood couldn't fix. 

Somehow Luis' hood made me think of this guy. 

Or maybe it's some cartoon character creature thing. I can see it in my head, I just can't think of what he's called. 

Mooooving on. 

It's crazy how your perspective can change on what is considered "good weather." 

Compared to the -13 (8.6!!!!) we had earlier this week, -5 was a heat wave. Err, that may be a stretch, but I was surprised what a difference those few degrees and a little sunshine made.

There is something so beautiful about winter. Sometimes in the gloom of the grey and the clouds we fail to notice it, but on days like today, with the sun shining high, the contrast of the bare trees against the blue sky, the peace and calm of a cold day, it's breathtaking. 

When we got back I warmed up with a yummy soup that will be coming your way later this week. 

In the meantime, I am on my second wind in my fight to stay awake to watch the Super Bowl. Unlike last year, we stayed true to our American culture and celebrated this national holiday that we call the Super Bowl. 

It's approaching 3 AM, we are entering the 4th quarter, and while I may have been dosing off a bit through the entire second quarter, I'm wide awake now. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow but for now I am savoring every second of this very wonderful day.  

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  


Dad said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your heart Cara and the skill with which you write!


Tami said... Best Blogger Tips

You have lovely photos. I enjoy your stories about Germany.

Britney said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to see a picture of those sweet kiddos! They are too wonder you love your days with them! stay warm!

Britney said... Best Blogger Tips

What sweet little kiddos! I am so glad to see a picture of them! No wonder you love spending your days with them! Bundle up my friend

H. Gillham said... Best Blogger Tips


That's all I got.

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

You never saw a horse until you moved to Germany? Really?

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

@Amy haha I never saw a Shetland Pony till I got to Germany! Guess I should have clarified that little fact :)

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