Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Week's (not so) Desperate Moments

♪ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

 ...everywhere you go ♪

I just love our charming little village with its cobble stoned streets and quaint houses. 

Completely unrelated, our grocery store busted out a new selection of American beverages a couple weeks ago. 

Although they come at quite a price. Converted to dollars it's about $1.80 a can. Yikes!

Jumping subjects again, my husband knows how to put a smile on my face, but this past week he brought even more laughter to our home with his new "style"

He would rather re-purpose his workout towel into a ridiculous head covering or scarf than put on sweats, or even a real hat, for the short walk to the gym.

 He has also resorted to bowls for coffee. 

haha Luis was so into what he was telling me one morning that he grabbed a bowl to pour his coffee into and didn't think anything of it till I asked him what he was doing. Funny how our minds get mixed up sometimes without even realizing it.

Also providing comic relief in my life: playing nerdy jokes on my sister with her heterographic mix-up.  
More from my sister:


That crazy girl joined a bunch of other crazies at Wal-Mart at midnight on Black Friday

It's amazing the lengths people will go to in order to get a good deal in the States.  It's also amazing how the stores keep opening earlier and earlier. It used to be they'd open at 6. Then this whole midnight idea came about and people were all for it. Give it ten years and Black Friday will actually start on Thursday, immediately following the Thanksgiving meal. 

Actually, no, scratch that. At the rate we are going, Black Friday will simply just take over the holiday we established for giving thanks, the same holiday that we have already turned into a day devoted to eating and football and Thanksgiving will simply be a thing of the past. Okay, perhaps that is a beat extreme, but hey, I wouldn't put it past our "American Dream" driven society. 

And while we are on the subject of crazy, check out this article I saw in a magazine at the gym.

Translation: "Help for Mouse Arm and Cell Phone Thumb" 

Hmmm, anyone ever experience these medical conditions? Apparently there is a whole organization devoted to this and other technology related, er, injuries (???)...not sure what else you'd call them.

Mooooving on...Always one to scope out the cars, Luis spotted these ultra cute rims on our way to the gym the other day. 

Yes, that's a real car. And yes, these are real too.

Mini broccoli and cauliflower. Proving that yes, everything is cute when it's mini.

Just to give you some perspective on how truly mini they are here they are by a stack of coasters.

More randomness, I can't figure out what the purpose of this red box is. 

At first I thought it was similar to Red Box in the States, but with books instead of movies. That would have been awesome but, all I can figure at the moment is that it's just a red box of inaccessible books just sitting in the middle of this square.

Perhaps since it's by a playground it is supposed to inspire kids to read? I'm stretching it, I know, anyone else have any ideas? Please do share.

And finally, the last moment I have for you today, and definitely my most favorite...

...gorgeous sunrise painted by the original artist Himself (yes, I mean God) on my way to the school the other day.  

And that's all folks. Monday is soon upon us and with that comes much excitement over all that this next week will bring our way. Weather forecast says rain, but the forecast of life is looking like a whole lotta sunshine. Hope the same is true for you!  


Frank Hartmann said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cara, as always a most enjoyable reading experience :-). You've been asking about the red box: I suppose the picture's been taken at Werdeplatz. It's a sort of free public 'library', where anybody can not only take a book or two he finds there to read, but also either keep it, return it or even put his own books he no longer needs there for others to read. So it's also some kind of recycling system. You can find more information here:

I've seen similar boxes at Staufen (although they had a different color), being maintained by Lions club. Here's a link:

Speaking of old/used books, there's a great shop in Rintheimer Straße (Oststadt) called 'Bücherland'. They have all kind of used books (about 40,000!) - also in foreign languages which they sell at very reasonable prices starting at 1 Euro each! (for paperbacks). You can also bring in books you don't need any longer but which you don't want to throw away. Quite a few of them are in mint or near-mint condition. It's always worth taking a look, especially if you haven't been there. The website is:

I hope I've been helpful ;-) Feel free to contact me via facebook, if there are questions left.

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

@Frank Hartmann Wow! Thanks Frank. I will definitely check that out!

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