Monday, November 14, 2011

A Time to be Real

When I started this blog, it began as a way to share a piece of our lives with friends and family back home. To entertain them with the many adventures we have that come from having to adjust to a new culture, a new way of life. It was my attempt to shorten the vast distance that exists between their lives and ours; to help our lives not seem so foreign, so different. 

Most of my posts are full of nonsense and laughter and delicious food. And I try, for the most part, to keep things light and fun in this neck of the blogging woods.

But life is not always full of nonsense and laughter and delicious food. And our life isn't always so light. This past year has been a tough one for us on so many levels, and as much as I could try, today's post just can't be a typical "not so desperate" moment.

You see, today is November 14. For many of you, it's just one of the 365 days of 2011. But for us, November 14 was the day we were told we would receive a life changing gift. The day when it would no longer just be two, but three. We would no longer be a couple, but a family. 

We were to be entrusted with a precious life. A child of our Heavenly Father, whom we would pour out our unconditional love upon. A child who would need our grace, our instruction, and at times, our discipline. By the grace of God, we would help shape him, mold her, into the person that he or she was created to be. 

As time goes on, and our life unfolds, I am beginning to see that this blog has the potential to be so much more than just funny stories about tiny freezers and crazy German rules. And while the fun of our life here in Germany will continue to be the heart of my posting, sharing about our experiences through the miscarriage has been heavy on my heart since the day it happened.

You see, there are women out there, women like me, who are hurting, just like I have hurt, with a hurt that will never be soothed. We share a longing that will never be satisfied. Many may feel alone. Perhaps even hopeless. And through this blog, I have the power to reach out to them. 

So if you will allow me, over the course of the next week or two, I would like to share some of my feelings, emotions and experiences that I have had since that dreadful day in May. I will be real, and honest, and completely exposed because I want other women who have lost a child to know they're not alone in what they have experienced, what they are currently going through, and what they will continue to carry with them the rest of their lives. 

I know for many of you, this series of posts may not be something you can directly relate to. But, chances are you have faced, are facing, or someday will face a trial of some sort in your life. So whatever your situation may be, I hope you'll bear with me as I reveal some real not so desperate moments. 

My prayer is that I can inspire hope, that there is a greater purpose in all of this; that the strength needed to overcome such devastation, can and will come in time; that good can result from pain and suffering

Follow along throughout the week as I share how Luis and I have experienced these truths and so many more over the last six months and how we have found peace amidst the storms of life.


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

When I read this post this morning, my heart broke for you. You and Luis are in my thoughts and prayers right now. While I cannot empathsize, I certainly sympathize. I know this has been a really tough year for you. I admire you so much for the strength and optimizism you have shown through all of this. I think your positive outlook is a testement to your strong faith in God. I think you are incredibly brave to share your feelings in such a public venue. I'll be here to listen. :)

Riss said... Best Blogger Tips

I love you Carebear. I look forward to your upcoming posts. You are an amazing example and a great role model of faith.

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

This brought a tear to my eye. My heart aches for you two. Stay strong girly. I'll be praying for you often. <3

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