Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving: Round Two

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on Thursday, and then did it up American style yesterday. 

I could definitely get used to this two Thanksgivings thing!

We had to get a little creative with seating at our place, using a mishmash of tables borrowed from our landlords, but it all worked out.

I'm so thankful for the people God has brought into our lives. As I looked around our table yesterday, we were quite the bunch.

Here is how it looked:

American girl, Irish girl, American girl and her German husband, another American girl and her German husband, Luis, with his mix of Korean and Puerto Rican, but American through and through, me, American of course, a French couple, Canadian girl with her German husband, and two German dudes.

It was the most multi-cultural feast I have ever been a part of. Each one of us with different backgrounds, different cultures, different interests, different languages, all with different reasons for being here in Germany, whose paths have divinely crossed for this season of our lives in Karlsruhe.  

Everyone pitched in, helping out with cooking, getting everything ready. And the cleaning! Oh I am so, so thankful for everyone's help pitching in to put our kitchen back in order when it was all said and done. 

They will never know how much of a gift that was to wake up this morning and not have a disaster waiting for me in the kitchen. 

For a minute I forgot I was thousands of miles away from what I call home. For a minute, I forgot I was a foreigner in a foreign land. There was just this ease, this comfort, as if we did this every year together.

I can't help but feel like our feast was similar to the first Thanksgiving, the bringing together of different people with different cultures, Pilgrims and Indians, or in our case Europeans and North Americans, to celebrate and give thanks for all the blessings that have been poured out on us. 

Definitely a very special Thanksgiving this year, and one I will cherish for many years. 

I didn't get as many pictures as I had planned to take, but I did manage to get the best shot of the night:

Noah, celebrating his first Thanksgiving at 6 months old, getting in on the apple pie action.

As difficult as this year has been, I can't help but sit here and feel overwhelmed by how very, very, incredibly, blessed we are. No matter where we go, God always seems to bring just the right people into our lives and for that I am beyond grateful. 

I am also thankful for, right now, at this very moment, this...

Ahhh leftovers. What a glorious sight! 

Confession: I definitely had apple pie for breakfast. Oh Thanksgiving, how I love thee, for all your delicious food and so much more. 

Last but not least, I cannot forget the best card ever from the best sister in the world.

Okay, so that's an envelope but that's not important. What's important is the turkey hand! Anyone else remember making those in school? Ah the memories of childhood. :)

Happy Monday!


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

1) The leftover turkey from yesterday is making my lunch SO delicious.

2) That picture of everyone in the kitchen had me dying with laughter.

3) Thanks for being such a great host!

Karlberg Fam said... Best Blogger Tips

That's so great!!! What a fun Thanksgiving in a foreign land! The food looked DELICIOUS!

Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I am determined to someday come to Germany for your Thanksgiving dinner :)

You decorated the table so cute! You're so creative sister!

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