Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Week's Not So Desperate Moments

1. Mamas Liebe in Mainz

On Wednesday I met a friend to hang out for the day and she took me to this adorable cafe she'd been wanting to try. 

Mamas Liebe is a cozy coffee shop that also offers a variety of toasted sandwiches, yummy wraps, and tasty, comforting soups.  

We seriously could not get enough of the decor. 

Nor these fur lined patio chairs.

In addition to the food and drinks, they also have several things for sale including old fashioned candies, cookies, chocolates, and wines. They even had gluten free muffins. 

The atmosphere at Mamas Liebe is great for meeting a friend for lunch, or for just sitting with a cup of coffee and a good book for a couple of hours. If I lived in Mainz, you could most likely find me here at least twice a week, if not more.

2. Beautiful, and HUGE, fall leaves

I am completely obsessed with fall at the moment. 

Sorry for the splotches on the picture...I took these while we were driving and apparently our windshield is less than spotless at the moment. :)

The camera just doesn't do it justice.

3. New phones...

but more importantly Sister Sister Face Time.

 Just one question though...why such a big box for such a small product?

4. Asian food....

 at an American classic... 

in the country of Germany. Who knew McDonald's could be so cultured? 

5. Über 30 Party...

put on at Luis' agent's hotel. No one in our group was over 30 though. But we had such a great time! Does that mean we are too old for our age? Or was the party just that good?!? I think the party was just that good!

6. Speaking of the hotel....

(picture to come, check back tomorrow)

it's an old German prison. Certainly not luxurious, but definitely a fun experience. We stayed there because we had a birthday party to attend the next day. 

7. The birthday party the next day...

for the German lady that used to live above us in Kaiserslautern. Frau Berchman turned 80 yesterday so we went to help her celebrate. I used to go and have coffee and cake with her to both keep her company and to help improve my German. 

We were two lonely ladies, on the complete opposite ends of the age spectrum, and we sort of adopted one another, me as her granddaughter, she as my Oma. God sure is good to bring people in our lives at the exact time that we need them!

And there you have it. A week full of seven random, wonderful moments. Looking forward to what this week holds for us!


susi said... Best Blogger Tips

I got a little homesick looking at some of these pics. I do miss the leaves changing color...not something we get in Florida.Hope you are enjoying those few beautiful fall days!!!!

Frau Dietz said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cara, looking at this, it seems like I'm not far from you so I thought I'd say hi :) That place in Mainz looks lovely, I am going to check it out immediately. And I can't believe you went to one of those over 30s nights!!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

That cafe looks like american country meets europe. I especially like the milk bottle being used for table decorations

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