Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hooray for Fall

Remember a while back when I was complaining about cold weather in a month where it should only be cold in the southern hemisphere and most definitely not in Germany? 

I take it back! I take it all back. We are having some gorgeous fall weather and I wouldn't trade one hot summer day for it. No sir. Because every sunny, beautiful fall day we have means one less cold, gloomy day I have to experience. And that is a very good thing. 

There were a few days this past week where I thought winter was settling in for the, er, uh, winter? We even experienced our first"It's Freezing Cold" warning of the season from our car. Isn't that so kind of him? 

As if we couldn't tell it was cold already from our shivering bodies and frozen toes. I actually don't find it to be very kind at all. I sort of yell at it when it dings "Hey there, it's really, really cold outside. Just thought I'd let you know." It's just not a reminder I appreciate when I'm frozen as a popsicle.  

I had already begun to mentally prepare myself that winter was coming. The cold was here to stay. I could do without sunshine for a while. Gray and gloom had a beauty all in their own.

And just as I was finally beginning to have peace with all this, Germany had pity on me and gave me a few more sunny, beautiful days. I even went so far as to, wait for it, NOT wear my jacket today. Gasp! I know, crazy.    

It's perfect too cause I will be sitting at a soccer stadium tonight which makes me even more appreciative of the warmer temperatures this late into the year. 

Luis's team is playing a really important game here shortly. Against a really big team. With some really important people. Well, in the soccer world they are at least. People who I, of course, have no idea who they are. 

Luis was trying to fill me in...I think I'm supposed to look for number 7? Apparently he's a big deal or something. I don't really know. 

But what I do know is that I am loving Fall. And not having experienced too many Fall seasons in my lifetime (I'm from Arizona people, cacti don't change colors) I am still so fascinated by all the changing leaves, and all the beautiful fall colors. 

God's creation is seriously so, so cool. And on that note, I am off to the game. Happy Wednesday!


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Have fun at the game. I rode home through a sea of blue and white scarves on my way home and it was 1.5 hrs before kickoff.

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

@Amy haha yeah, It was definitely packed. Schade that we lost though :(

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Saw that the team lost, boo!

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