Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Resourceful

I was all set and ready to make this week's Recipe of the Week the other day, a holiday classic in my house growing up, and I was missing one key ingredient. 

Brown sugar.


I could have cried. Okay, not really. I know the waterworks tend to flow rather quickly with me sometimes, but thankfully, I'm not that sensitive. Although, I have been known to cry over food before. Specifically hummus. Maybe someday I'll share that bittersweet story with you.

While the tears weren't flowing, it was rather crushing as I had just spent a few hours debating whether or not I should make this special fall/winter treat because I was craving it like CRA-ZAY. 

And in a moment of weakness I had thrown all caloric caution to the wind. I had come up with enough justifications to make my Mama's famous cookies and was ready to go for it. 

Justification Numer Eins: The dough makes a TON, so I could simply make it, eat a ball, bake a couple, and freeze the rest to bake throughout the holiday season for parties and gifts and stuff. And of course, you have to test the dough to make sure it's okay to give away, so really, the consumption is a selfless act and therefore the calories don't count. It's a proven fact.

Justification Numer Zwei: That day was my first day back at the spin class I used to attend regularly before life interrupted (read here and here) and as luck would have it, the day I would choose to go back after way too many months to even do one hour of spin class just happened to be the same day that they were having a special, TWO HOUR spin class. What were the chances? Holy killer of my boot-ay! Cookie dough was definitely earned. 

Okay, I have to admit though, I didn't know about the two hour special before I had decided to make cookie dough. I was going to make cookie dough before I decided to go to spin class. And before I knew it was a two hour special. And before I burned off every calorie I had consumed that day and more. 

Buuuut, had I had brown sugar and been able to make the cookie dough; and had I consumed a bit...oh who am I kidding, way more than a bit, all guilt of overindulgence would have been washed away after that class!

By the way, have I forgot to mention I can't buy brown sugar in Germany? I suppose that is an important detail to this story as to why I didn't just pop on over to the store and buy some. Not possible, that's why.  

There is Braun Zucker but it is not the same as our brown sugar. It's much too coarse and grainy and is not an equal substitute. Trust me. I've tried. The cookies were straaange to say the least.

I have, however, just found and ordered some brown sugar from German Amazon and am anxious to see how it compares. We shall see.

There is a point to all of this rambling, I promise. You see, something you learn to do in moments of baking desperation in a foreign country is to get resourceful. 

And resourceful I got. I made brown sugar. Yep. Made. It. 

And it was the easiest thing on earth. 

Sugar+Molasses=Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar+Me=Happy Girl with her Mama's Cookies

Well, not quite yet with the cookies, but they are scheduled to be made as soon as this post is done and I hit the gym. I'm hoping that if I work out first I won't be as tempted to eat as much dough cause I won't want to undo all my hard work.

Of course, if I apply my Dad's philosophy, going to the gym before just means I can eat more cookie dough after. Or ice cream. Or whatever sweet, sugary, fatty thing your heart desires.

Not sure if I can finish this recipe post with my normal Guten Appetit seeing as how it's just sugar so I'll save it for the actual cookies. 

Unless of course you're into brown sugar by the spoonfuls in which case, more power to you and a very big Guten Appetit! 

Light Brown Sugar
Adapted from....all over the Internet but I used Joy the Baker as my guide

1 cup Sugar
1 tablespoon Molasses

Combine ingredients in a food processor using the kneading attachment. Process until molasses is fully incorporated with the sugar. And. That. Is. It. You have now made beautiful, golden, delicious brown sugar. Congratulations. 


Chocolate and Cognac said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey there! Just found your blog, and I think we went to the same high school o.O

Also, where have you looked for brown sugar? I've never had trouble finding any here. Not sure what area you live in (no idea if the stores here are only in this region), but I've found brown sugar at Rewe, Tegut, Aldi Süd and Kaufland.
Awesome that you made your own though :)

H. Gillham said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it -- how resourceful you are.

I would have cried.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

After reading this I want to go get a spoonful of pumpkin cookie dough that I do have in the freezer already for everyone to enjoy as cookies when they come for Thanksgiving.

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

@H. Gillham haha thanks for making me feel better about my overactive waterworks! :)

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