Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Women

I am blessed to be surrounded by some amazing, and beautiful women in my family. And this weekend we are celebrating the lives of two of them.

Nana, who I affectionately call, Nana Banana or, the newly adopted WHH i.e. White Haired Hottie

and Carissa, my sister and best friend, who I can't seem to find a picture of with a normal smile, and who I affectionately call a whole lot of things like Monk Monk and Rissypoo and Schnookums.

It's not often that I feel really homesick. I am blessed to be able to go home at least twice a year, sometimes more if there's a wedding or something. But in moments like this, when my family is gathering together to enjoy wonderful food, to-die-for chocolate cake, and to celebrate the lives of the ones I love the most, it hits me. 

I miss being a part of things. I miss the laughter, the comfort of being together, the memories made. I simply miss being there.

Fortunately for me, birthdays are not limited to a geographical location. And regardless of where I'm at, I can rejoice on such special days, and pour out never-ending gratitude to my Lord Jesus for the gifts that He placed in my life, when He first placed me in this family with Nana, whose kindness and graciousness are evident in all she does, 

whose life serves as an example for her grandkids to model their own after, 

and whose beauty shines from the inside out.

And then He gave me my baby sister, who is also so dang cute,   

and who I've absolutely adored--fuzz head and all--since the day she was born, 

who makes my heart practically burst when I think about how much I love her 

and how proud I am of her as I've watched her grow into an amazing, confident, and beautiful woman.  

Nana, your example as a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law, and most importantly, as a woman of God, is such an encouragement to me. I hope that I can have even half of the amount of grace and wisdom as you, and that I can live with such a positive and joyous spirit as you do in all circumstances. 

Sister, it has been fun to see you grow and change, to see you discover who you are, who the Lord created you to be. I am so excited for what God is doing in your life, and I can't wait to see where He takes you next. Keep seeking Him, working hard, and most importantly, enjoying all the many blessings of the wonderful life He has given you.  

Happy Birthday to you both. Thank you for all the lovely ways you brighten my life, and the lives of so many others, and for the impact you've made, and will continue to make on us all.  I love you!


Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Nana we did it! We got our own blog post!! :) I loved your post today Carebear not just cause I was in it but because it was sweet and made me feel loved even though we are thousands of miles apart :) I love you big sis and I am thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for being a wonderful role model, sister, and best friend. I love you oh so much!

Dad said... Best Blogger Tips

We missed you too Sweet Cara! Another great tribute! Well written as always! I love you!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmm, your old NB didn't even know this posting existed until today. This is what happens when you become a senior citizen. I will write you and email that is proper to apologize that I have not thanked you for such a beautiful tribute. I have checked your blog since August, I don't know how I missed it, but I'm thankful that I saw it today (4/16/12) Love you Cara Bear!!!

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