Monday, August 22, 2011

Heat Wave

We are dying over here. This little guy just isn't cutting it.

90〫+ 57% Humidity = Real Feel of 97〫- Air Conditioning = Hot, Sticky, Sweaty People. 

I am currently sitting in the dark, in my apartment, drinking ice with coffee. Yes, ice with coffee, as in the thing is mostly filled with ice, with a little bit of coffee poured in. 

It's dark because, in order to keep the place even the tiniest bit cool, we have to close all the rolladens to keep the sun out. It's especially difficult with our apartment because we have a large window on the south side that gets sun for most of the day. 

Time out, what's a rolladen you ask? They are these cool shades on the outside of all the windows on German houses that block out all the light. If you're lucky, I'll tell you more about them sometime. Oooh, you're excited now. You should be. Ain't no kind of entertainment like German window shades.

As I was out and about in the heat, wandering around looking for the Zollamt (I'll explain more about that later) I couldn't help but think, "I need Sonic. I need a cherry limeade. And I need it now."


We have had cravings like this before, and have actually made homemade cherry limeades which were equally delicious. But today I needed the real deal. I couldn't settle for a knock off.  

I needed to drive up, push the button, order my Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade. I needed to hear the crackle of the speaker. To have my waitress skate on out with my drink. To hand over my money, to feel the Styrofoam in my hand, and the cool, oh so refreshing satisfaction of that first sip. 

And I needed crushed ice. My big ol' homemade ice cubes from a tray just weren't going to do.

But don't be mistaken. I am not complaining about this heat wave. Not one bit. I'm just informing you so that you can be grateful you're not here to smell us because we are soaking up every last bit of this heat and sunshine that we possibly can before winter hits.

We've been playing Blongo Ball as of late. It's sort of like horse shoes, in terms of you have an object that you toss in order to score points. Except, instead of horse shoes, you have these golf balls on a string. 

And instead of a stake, you're trying to fling them on to this thing, preferably on the green bar, which is worth the most points. 

It's the perfect game to enjoy on a beautiful sunny afternoon. And, can I just say that I am the Blongo Ball Queen. 

Much to the chagrin of my husband of course, who has been my only competitor thus far.

Hope you're staying cool on this wonderful Monday afternoon (or morning), wherever you may be!


Philip and Angela Engle said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon! It's funny, I was craving Sonic yesterday too!! I am sorry you can't have it, but when I do, I will think of you... sending you some tastes of the deliciousness. Love you! Angela

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