Friday, August 19, 2011


My English is deteriorating. Remember yesterday's post? I made a comment about the amount of stress in my mother's life. And when I was proofreading, I realized that instead of writing:

"Or maybe it's just too much stress in her life."

I wrote:

"Or maybe it's just too feel stress in her life."

Feel? Huh? Feel? Many of you are wondering how I could have mistakenly typed "feel" for the word "much". They aren't even close to being synonymous. They have absolutely no correlation what. so. ever. 

Yes, I realize that. But they sort of do. At least in my mixed up brain they do. You see "viel" pronounced "feel" is "much" in German. 

You're confused. I know. You may have to read that one again because it's hard to explain via typing. But basically, as I was thinking about what I wanted to say, I was, unconsciously, thinking in both languages. Crazy. But also annoying because I sometimes can't separate the two. 

Instead of speaking just English. Or just German. My wires get crossed and the two get jumbled up. And I end up saying things like "Too feel stress" or "Do you like to koch?".

Oh hey Sister

Yeah, I said that one today too. To German women who probably speak better English than I do.

Translation: "kochen" from which I formed my own word "koch" meaning "to cook".

It's sort of like when you're thinking of two different words and they come out of your mouth as one. Like when you're mind can't decide between "Do you want to run with me?" and "Do you want to jog with me?" and it comes out "Do you want to rog with me?". 

Okay, that's not the best example, but you get the idea. That's what happens between my English and my German sometimes.

So basically, I'm creating my own language. It's called Germlish. Give it ten years. It'll be big. Just you varten.    

Poor Luis, he has to vartet feel. Never for me of course....

Varten: from the German word "warten" (pronounced "var-ten") meaning "to wait".  


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Haha so funny Cara, give me more of that :-)))

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