Friday, August 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough of These

I'm working on a dump of a post from my recent trip back to the States but until then I thought I would leave you with a quick Recipe of the Week. 

Clarification: When I say "dump" I mean that I have a ton of photos to "dump" on you and not that the next post is going to be a dump, as in it might suck, or that it would be about the dump, which would not be possible because I have yet to even find the dump--if there is one--here in Germany. Anyone know about this one? Anyone? Moving on.  

Back to what I was talking about...Recipe of the Week. I'm sort of cheating on it this time because, as a result of my above mentioned trip back to the States, I have not cooked/baked anything in the last 10 days. 

Buuuut, I do have some recipes that I discovered a few months ago that I am absolutely in LOVE with this summer. I mean, head over heels, first time I met Luis in the 9th grade, in love with. 

Okay, maybe not quite that intense, but I definitely can't get enough of two things in particular right now that you have to--I mean HAVE to--try. 

1. Homemade Ice Cream

I know, I know, that doesn't sound very original, but just you wait, this is no ordinary ice cream. This is ice cream that, depending how you make it, is fat free, has no added sugar, is low in calories and is oh so very creamy and delicious.

It only requires one, secret ingredient (something that is inexpensive and can almost always be found in most households) and very little time or effort. 

The recipe is flexible, so you can mix in whatever you have on hand, which means that 99.9% of you reading this can make this right now without having to run to the grocery store!

I like to mix in a mini Reese's peanut butter cup, or Nutella, or cocoa powder, or nuts, or cinnamon, or peanut butter or a combination of any of these or whatever chocolaty goodness I have laying around my kitchen. 

The best part about this recipe is it does not require an ice cream maker, which is perfect for a girl like me who lives in a small apartment with very little storage space for food, let alone an ice cream maker. All you need is that one secret ingredient and a food processor or blender and you are set!

When I first saw this recipe, I was skeptical because it almost seemed too good to be true. One ingredient? Low fat? Healthy? Ice Cream? No ice cream maker? Please, not possible. And yet, somehow I was intrigued. And I tried it. And I was proven wrong. It is true and it's too good not to try.

So just what is the secret ingredient? Click here and find out.  A helpful tip (and a hint): the riper the better, but not too, too ripe. And I'll just leave it at that in case your curiosity wasn't strong enough to make you click on over to the two different links I posted already. 

If you like &@#@#@$ even the slightest bit, you will love this super easy, super healthy, super delicious "ice cream" recipe. And if you don't, consider still giving this a try. You might be surprised by how non-banana-y it tastes with the right mix-ins.

There, I said it, secret's out. No go slice one up and freeze it so you can try this in exactly one hour from now!

2. Homemade Fro Yo

The possibilities with this one are endless. Like the "homemade ice cream" the ingredient list is short and the time and effort required to make this is practically nothing.

Madison's recipe calls for frozen sweet cherries and raspberries, but I only had tart cherries and blueberries on hand so I mixed mine up with that and it was delicious. I also couldn't find chocolate milk powder so I used a bit of a low cal, low sugar hot chocolate mix, which was good, but I'm not sure I would do again. 

Next time I might just mix up a little cocoa powder with some dry milk powder and see how that goes. Or just leave the cocoa out all together. Experiment with it and see what works best for you, your pantry and freezer, and your taste buds.  

These seriously are two of the most perfect summer treats because they are both inexpensive, light, cold and healthy. They require minimal effort, very little time and best of all, they taste amazing. Try 'em, you won't be disappointed!

Guten Appetit


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