Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can't Think of a Title Today

Luis has been at training camp the last few days which means I have gotten a lot of things done around the house.

I took on an overflowing basket of laundry and won. Even with my tiny washing machine, I got that laundry knocked out in no time. 

I straightened and reorganized our shelves. I love doing this for some reason. I'm so weird. 

I have done a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. Experiments that shall be revealed in the days to come.  

Luis being gone also means that:  

Meat consumption is at an all time low in our household.

Salad consumption is at an all time high. 

Big, delicious, meatless salads chocked full of bell peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, avocados, dried cranberries and Feta and topped off with Brianna's Champagne vinaigrette.

Oh my tummy is happy. My body is happy too. I forgot how much better I feel when I eat salads for dinner. Before we got married, when I lived alone, I'm pretty sure I ate at least one salad every day.  Sometimes more.

I think I have only served salad as a main dish once for dinner. It had meat of course. Lord knows my husband would laugh as if it was some kind of joke if I placed a meatless dish in front of him. 

Salads, even with the meat, just don't fill my guy's bottomless stomach.  An hour later and he's hungry again. But for me, they're perfect. And while I have missed having Luis around, I did love that I could make salad every night and not be tempted by whatever else I might cook for him.  


This morning I hopped on my bike and rode into town to wander through the local market. I seriously don't know why I don't go there more often. I always seem to forget when it is, but whenever I do make it down there, I absolutely love it.  

And today was no different. I just love all the fresh produce.  

 Just look at these berries. 

They are huge.  And delicious. Berries can be hit or miss, but these were perfect. 

The blackberries didn't survive the first 5 minutes of Luis being home. 

Heck, he's lucky they even made it to him being home.  I restrained myself all day long so that they would be there for him when he got back tonight. It took a lot of will power.  One or two or three or four blackberries may have been consumed, but the majority survived until his arrival. Blackberries are his favorite. 

I am so excited about this corn.  

The other day we were driving past farm land and I was telling Luis that I never see corn for sale.  I always see the corn fields, and the growing stocks of corn, but somehow I never see it in the grocery store. 

And now I know that it's at the market. 

Supply was limited, as it's still pretty early for corn, but come August, September time frame I will make sure I'm down there every Wednesday or Friday picking up fresh ears of corn.


Luis is home and all is right with the world. I think it's pretty awesome that we can spend so much time together, and yet we can still miss each other when we are apart, no matter how long or short the time is. Yes, we are cheesy, and we love it. And I hope 50 years from now we are still just as cheesy, if not more. 

I wanna be like these love birds right here. 

High school sweethearts. Married at 18.  And they're still just as in love as ever. 

Now off to sit on the couch, watching movies, just enjoying my man being home on this simple Friday night. Life most certainly is good. 


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