Saturday, July 30, 2011

♫ "If You Like Piña Coladas...

....getting caught in the rain cold." ♫

The other day, Luis and I were rocking out in our apartment, listening to some tunes (not to the song above, although that would have been good), playing a lil' Skipbo when simultaneously we each had a thought. 

My thought: Let's go for a walk!
His thought: Let's make piña coladas!

Since marriage is all about compromise, we made piña coladas and then took them them on our walk. 

Yes, the piña colada is in a Nalgene bottle. No, we are not alcoholics. 

Luis made the piña colada, saw the Nalgene, thought about the walk, looked back at the Nalgene, and well, it was only logical. And thus the piña colada went in the Nalgene. 

And we went on our walk.

Only problem was problems were:
  1. We weren't on a beach in Mexico or anywhere even close to a beach
  2. The sun was not shining
  3. It was not warm
Such problems resulted in a less than enjoyable piña colada on a less than enjoyable walk. 

We could have handled the goodness of the cold, coconut-ty,  pineapple-y drink...indoors. 

And we could have enjoyed the walk in the chilly weather...without the cold coconut-ty, pineapple-y drink. 

Within 5 minutes we found ourselves taking the shortcut to get home as soon as possible. And the refreshing-ness of the piña colada was quickly replaced with goosebumps and chattering teeth.

Perhaps compromise in marriage is not always the best idea. At least in this case it wasn't. 

We did enjoy some warm coconut-ty goodness a few days later. For breakfast. Intrigued? Good, more to come shortly. 

Right now I got a mess of a kitchen filled with pots and pans and half-finished meals to tend to in attempts to keep my man fed and happy while I'm gone. One day to America! 


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