Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Important (and not so important) Things

We have some important things to discuss today.  

The first being that there are cheerleaders in Germany. 

They were practicing one day that my friend and I were at the Schlosspark.  

Never mind the awkward angle please.  

Stealth photography was required in this situation which means I sat there casually with Sabrina as we had been doing all afternoon and took pics from the camera that was not taking pictures and was instead just "sitting" on my lap. 

Yes, I know, I could just ask if they minded me taking their picture.  But this was way more fun.  

I did ask how they learned to cheer.  Other than from Bring It On of course.  I just sort of figured cheering was an American thing.  Like baseball.  Not many people here know much about baseball.  They know what it is, but no chance you'll ever find anyone who can actually play it.  Let alone an entire team that competes.    

They said they are part of a cheerleading club here in Karlsruhe.  They cheer for basketball games and then take part in competitions.  

This little girl loved the cheerleaders. 

She kept creeping closer and closer; doing little jumps along the way. 

And then she just sat there watching them.  So cute.   

Also among important topics of the day: the Beer Bike.   

You and your friends--up to 18 of them!--sit at the "bar" and peddle around town drinking beer.  It comes with a sober driver who steers the bike in the right direction.  And beer. Lots of beer.

Too bad I'm not such a fan of beer.  Looks kinda fun.

Mooooving on...we survived our first German wedding last weekend.

The wedding was beautiful, one we were so glad to be a part of.  Oh, and it was at a castle. 

Pretty cool. 

Last week I met up with some of my girls from Kaiserslautern in Mannheim and we made an awesome discovery.  Maybe, quite possibly, the best discovery to date.

Yep, frozen yogurt. At Star Freshery. In Mannheim.  

De.Lish.Us.  Delicious.  If only  weren't such a rare find in Germany.  I vow to go to Mannheim once a month just for the frozen yogurt. It's just a short 20 minute train ride, followed by a quick 2 minute walk down the street and I'm there.  In frozen yogurt heaven.    

In all seriousness though, there are some really important things to discuss today.

These are the mountains in my hometown.  A fire has been burning across 6,500 acres through our mountains since Sunday, forcing people out of their homes.   

24 homes have been damaged or lost.  Mary's Mission (an organization that helps support youth between the ages of 11 and 17 and prepares them to live independently as adults) has a home for girls that has been completely destroyed.  

Fortunately, there has been no loss of life to date.  Thank you Lord.

The lack of rain and extreme winds have made this fire uncontrollable and our fire fighters are working hard to minimize any further damage.  

One thing that still stands amidst it all. 

A great reminder that even in the fires and stresses of life, we can find strength, peace and comfort in our Lord. 

Pray for our home town.  Pray for those people having to evacuate their homes.  Pray for our fire fighters. Pray for their families.  Just pray.  


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