Monday, June 20, 2011

A Perfect Dad

I took this quiz online, "Are you the perfect dad?"

 I took this as if I were my father of course.  The results:

Perfect Dad

You (my Dad) are a perfect Dad. You (he) are (is) a caring, loving and responsible parent.

According to another the quiz on Men's Health, my dad can "Hoist that World's Greatest Dad mug with pride."  Guess we better get him a "World's Greatest Dad" mug!

I'm sure if Dad were a coffee drinker, we would have gotten him one by now.

The quizzes are silly, I know.  And really, I didn't expect them to give me any results other than "Your Dad is Super Duper" because he really is an awesome guy.  

I don't need a quiz to confirm that for me.  I have had 25 years of instruction, encouragement, examples and memories that tell me what a very special Dad I have.  

Dad and me brushing our teeth

My favorite question on the Men's Health quiz was:
Have you found religion?
 Never lost it. 
 Nope, and I'm not looking. 
 Not really, but I go through the motions.

I love the "Never Lost It" response, because, really, religion, or better yet, God is never lost. It's us who choose to walk away and end up lost. 

Dad reading his Bible during the Freak Freeze in SV last February
Fortunately, my Dad has found religion.  He never lost it. And, even more than that, he understands that it isn't just about "finding religion", but rather it's about a relationship. It's about faith.  About Jesus.  And it's his faith, his relationship with our Heavenly Father, that has shaped how he is as our father.

Our Dad is the type that will get down on the floor and play dolls with you when you don't have anyone else to play with.  He's the type of Dad that isn't afraid to say yes to his daughter's request to put rollers in his hair. 

Riss giving Dad a new look

When we moved to Sierra Vista, my mom had to go to work early in the morning, so my Dad was tasked with getting me ready for school every day.  This included doing my hair.  So before the year started, Mom taught him a few basic things, including how to braid.  Each morning we would sit in the living room and he would carefully smooth out all the bumps in my ponytail and then braid my hair, combing each piece before crossing it over the other. 

Dad and me on my first day of Kindergarten

I It always seemed to take forever, way longer than when Mom did it, but the reason was because Dad never wanted it to look like my dad did my hair, so he sweetly took his time to make sure it looked as perfect as if Mom had done it.  It’s those little things that remind me just how perfectly my Dad was made to father girls.

Riss and Dad sampling Dad's favorite treat, ice cream

There’s something so unique about the relationship between a Dad and his girl. It’s something that can’t be defined by words, but rather by the moments.  

It's defined by the moments of wisdom and guidance.  Of teaching and instruction.  How to ride a bike. Fly a kite.


Teaching her how to hook a worm.  To hold a fish.  And then laughing as she drops the slimy fish, squealing as it tries to free itself from her hand.  

It's defined by pancake breakfasts.  And lunch dates.    

Father=Daughter Breakfast Date on my 10th Birthday
It's defined by mornings spent watching Flintstones and then waiting through the credits to read the small Roman Numeral print at the end of each episode to figure out what year it was made. 

By nights sitting in the rocking chair, listening to him sing "Jesus Loves Me" before carrying us off to bed.  

It's defined by the fact, that no matter how old you get, there's always a part of you that remains "Daddy's Little Girl."  A part of you that still longs to curl up in his lap and treasure every moment you have with him.   

Riss and Dad

Dads are their girls' heroes.      

Dads give security. Build confidence.  Teach truth and instill values.  

Dad keeping Riss entertained on the 14 hour flight to Malaysia

They encourage.  They love.  They tell you you're beautiful.  

They show you how a guy should treat you through their own example.  They teach you you're valuable.  You're lovely.  And most importantly they let you know you are loved.  Very, very much. 

Carissa's Baptism
Dad, this Father's Day, we want you to know that you are loved.  Very, very much. 

Thank you for being such an incredible father.  Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, your love and encouragement, your prayers and faith, which helped shape us into the women that we were created to be. 

Thank you for loving us as our Heavenly Father loves us.  Thank you for being a father we can always trust.  A father we can count on, who we know will always be there for us. 

Thank you for the way that you love Mom, and for the way that you demonstrate daily how a husband should love and cherish his wife.  

Thank you for living out what you preach.  And for your discipline that always came with love, grace and mercy.  

I know there is no such thing as the perfect father, but I do know that you are the perfect father for us.  

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, and to all you fathers out there!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This one made me cry. Your Dad gave so much of himself today for others. He is owed a make up day for this Father's Day.

Dad said... Best Blogger Tips


What an honor to be the subject of one of your blogs. Thank you for choosing to see me through those eyes! It's never been anything but a joy to be your Daddy! I love you!

Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

Very beautiful, Cara. Well said.

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