Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Because

I'm trying to get a post together. I really am.  There just hasn't been time.  Yes, being a Hausfrau can be surprisingly busy at times.  I know you all think I sit at home and eat bon-bons all day long.  And while, yes, I could technically do that, I try to keep myself active so as not to lose all touch with reality at my mere 25 years of age.     

I also know you're just dying to read about the latest less than thrilling moments of our lives. Try and be patient.  :)

In the meantime, I thought I might give you some flowers.  

Wait, is that considered re-gifting? Luis gave me these flowers last week. Just because.  Even made a special stop on his home for them.  He thought I might like them.

And of course he was right.  There's nothing like coming home and seeing a bright bouquet of happiness on your counter.  Especially when that bouquet of happiness is from someone you love.

While these may not be sitting on your counter, I thought I would share them with you so that you can at least have them on your computer.  Maybe they'll brighten your day.

Real Hausfrau moments to come.  Until then, enjoy these flowers and this gratefulness tip of the day: If you are in America, be grateful for your AC. It is 90+ here which, coming from Arizona, is actually not so terrible, however, in Arizona there's this thing called air conditioning. It may be 100 outside, but no matter where you go, the inside temperature is 60 or below because they blast that AC like there's no such thing as wasting energy or having to pay an electricity bill.

German apartments do not come with AC, because, other than a few weeks out of the year, they are completely unnecessary. BUT, when those few weeks out of the year are upon us, it is unbelievably hot, both outside and inside.  Yep, these two poor Arizona kids are roasting over here. 

Oh, and did I mention ice is like gold here? A rare find indeed.  No ice machine in our freezer door in this house. Just two old fashioned ice trays that are being refilled twice each day.    

Oh the things I took for-granted before I lived here...happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


You are a very lucky girl to receive flowers
from your wonderful husband. Tell him to keep
the nice gesture up the rest of your life!!!!'
Love, Aunt Geri

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