Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weeee're Back

In the 24 hours since we have been back in Germany we have experienced the following:

1. We were welcomed back with chilly weather, clouds, and rain. Summer seems to have taken a vacation here. I feel like it hasn't stopped raining from the minute we landed. The tan I acquired in sunny AZ will for sure be gone by the end of the week if this doesn't end.

2. Our Internet seems to be slightly bitter that we left cause it refuses to work. I'm typing this post on my iPhone and have no idea what it's gonna look like for you all on the computer cause it sure looks strange on here. Very newspaperesque with this font and all. (Update: Internet is back, format fixed!)

3. Jet lag is not my friend. We fought taking a nap yesterday so that we could sleep through the night but alas I did not sleep through the night. I was awake at 1:30, back asleep at 3:30, and could have slept till noon probably if I hadn't had to get up for a doctor's appointment.

4. Also on the subject of jet lag...put Luis or me behind the wheel of a car and we suddenly have the urge to nod off. I was completely awake this morning. I had taken Luis to training, gone to the doctor and hit up the market. But the minute I started driving home, I hit a wall.

Figuratively, of course. I felt the need to clarify that considering we are on the subject of driving. When I go home, I fought the urge to sleep and popped in my new P90x DVD. I thought I would see what all the rage was with this workout program.

I only did the Legs and Back, so i dont think I can give it a fair review just yet but I will keep you posted once I've tried em all. We are both gonna try the Ab Ripper tonight...I'm curious to see what Luis thinks of it considering he works out for a living.

5. Luis and I are very German at the moment. We are having coffee and cake in the afternoon. That's because we are not allowed to sit at home or else we will sleep. We just have to make it to 9:00...only 3 1/2 more hours. Pray for us!

6. Tomorrow is a holiday in Germany. I know this only because I happened to have a doctor's appointment this morning and I just happened to notice that across the street the market was set up and as I was wondering through it I just happened to see apricots for sale at one of the stands and so I bought some and as I was leaving the lady said "Schöne Feiertag" which kkbasically means "Have a nice holiday."

Now, I have no idea what kind of holiday it is tomorrow, but I am very glad to know that there is a holiday because holidays mean everything is closed. EVERYTHING. Which means that I would have been majorly diasapointed in the morning when I went to the store to get stuff to make pasta for Luis to eat tomorrow in between trainings and I wouldn't have just been able to whip something together from what we have in the fridge because, other than the milk and eggs we grabbed real quick yesterday, it's empty, and well, after being gone for two weeks we pretty much have nothing to eat in the house.

So we will be heading to the store tonight to stock up which isn't so bad cause it's one more thing to do that will keep us out of the house and awake. Although, I have no idea how we are gonna make it through tomorrow I everything is closed, and it's cold and rainy, and we have no Internet. Oh yeah, and our long distance doesn't work on our phone either at the moment.

Luis at least has a double day, which will be tough for him, but will keep him out of the house. I, on the other hand, have only a bit of laundry to do and I have to mop, but other than that, I only have reading to entertain myself and well reading when I am tired is dangerous because it puts me to sleep. I hope my new book, The Help, (which I am really excited about by the way!) will keep me riveted or else jet lag will win.

Can someone just fast forward me to next week when my body will finally figure out where it is and what time it is? Please and thank you.

Happy Wednesday!


Frank Hartmann said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back! :-)
The entry indeed looks a little bit hard to read (due to the 'capitalized' font), but nevertheless it's worth the effort! I hope you'll soon recover from the jet lag and your internet/phone will also recover from the 'holiday' it seems to have taken.
By the way: Tomorrow's holiday is 'Ascension of Christ' (Christi Himmelfahrt).
Concerning the weather: chances are good for a warm and sunny (albeit not quite Arizona-like) weekend - enjoy! :-)

Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I clicked your ad! ;)

Britney said... Best Blogger Tips

great book! I just finished it & theres a movie of it coming out in august. and great workout program...matt and I got kinda obsessed over it! good luck with the ab truly lives up to its name! love you!

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