Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recap of The Past Week

I have been MIA.  Being home does that to me.  I feel like life gets busier coming home than when we are in Germany.  

But here is a recap of this past week.  We got in to beautiful Arizona Tuesday night on the 17th.  On Wednesday we woke up to this. 

At 5 in the AM by the way.  Thank you jet lag. Without you, I would not have experienced such a beautiful sunrise.  It was the perfect start to our vacation. 

Thursday and Friday were spent getting ready for this. 

This would be the free, community supported soccer camp we helped coordinate here in our home town.   

Last year was our first time doing this sort of thing and we had a blast.  In fact, I don't know who has more fun doing it...Luis and me, or the kids!

As fun as it is though, it is quite a bit of work. Especially being overseas for most of the planning.  Things get a bit complicated at times, but thanks to awesome sponsors, great friends, amazing coaches and wonderful volunteers, it all comes together for a day filled with fun and learning.

And a whole lotta sun.  

Being in Germany now for two years, I am losing all my knowledge and experience of how to avoid a burn.  I forget it is not enough to simply put on sunscreen in the morning.  No, in order to be safe, one must reapply every few hours or so.  

My nose is not very attractive at the moment as a result of my failure to slather on that extra layer.  

Thank you to these beautiful ladies (Sister, Shannon and Mama) for everything they did to help make the camp flow smoothly.  You guys are the best!

Once the camp starts, I feel like, outside of taking care of the occasional sick kid, my job is pretty much done and I can just enjoy watching cute little guys practice things like perfecting their "Maradona"

So. Much. Fun.

Sunday we enjoyed a church service.  A normal, contemporary, English church service with songs we know and people we love. As much as we are learning to appreciate our church in Germany, the language makes it difficult to just sit and soak up God's teaching because we are so busy trying to translate and just figure out what is being said!

Sunday I also enjoyed a lil sister time.  Pedicures done by cute little Asian ladies, complete with massage chairs.  Major bonus to pedicures in America.  

You can tell a lot about where Riss and I each e just by looking at our feet.  

Mine: White.  Reason: Very little sun exposure due to the fact that we didn't even bust out the sandals until a week before we flew back to America. 

Riss: Tan, with a nice white stripe.  Reason: California, where she sees the sun and wears sandals just about every single day of the year.  

Yesterday, we drove up to Phoenix and enjoyed a little time by the pool followed by dinner with long time friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time.  

Today we were reminded once again why we love and miss America.  Variety.  Creativity.  So many choices of restaurants, shopping.  Crazy big houses with interesting architecture and design.  Very much unlike the boxes houses of Germany.  

Driving through Scottsdale we were like kids in a candy store as we drove past all kinds of new and modern restaurants offering every kind of cuisine you could ever imagine.  

And then we found Yogurtland.  And Sprinkles.  And we were done for.  

We LOVE America.  And not just because of the food.  There's just so much energy here.  Not in a "new-agey" kind of way but in an "America is freakin' awesome" kind of way.  

I know that's not a very great explanation of why we love it here, but I can't even begin to put into words the feeling we get when we first step foot off that plane.  We have never felt so patriotic.   

Flag made out of Coke cases? Only in America.  

As much as I love being home though, I'm not ready to be home for good. Don't get me wrong, someday we will definitely move back to America.  We just hope it's not anytime soon because we also love Germany, and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to live there in this season of our lives.

But for these two weeks, I am soaking up all the awesomeness I can of the good ol' US of A. And with all the food we have been eating, I'm sure I will, unfortunately, be taking a bit of it back with me to Germany!  

And a quick shout out before I end my ramblings for the day, congratulations to Mr. Zach Plumb, who graduated from our local high school tonight.

We are so proud of you and wish you all the best as you take off to Cali in the fall!

Happy Hump Day to all!


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