Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Junko

I am currently sitting on the couch playing the preggers card while my Mama and Man build shelves from Ikea.  

And boy did they do an awesome job.  Our shoes, and by our I mean Luis's, are all nice and organized in our room, and there is now a space for soon to come baby stuff.  

Look at him put those muscles to work.  

Apparently we aren't the only ones doing a little spring cleaning around here.  While America and Mexico were partying it up for Cinco de Mayo, Germans were gettin' excited about Cinco de Junko.  

I mean, they were really excited.  The street was hoppin' with everyone scrounging through their neighbor's junk. Including these two weirdos.  

Okay, they weren't scrounging...although my Mom did try to convince us that that dresser was in really good shape. Which it actually wasn't so bad, but the thought of us three hauling it down the street and up a flight of stairs prevented any consideration on our part.

This lady scored a fanny pack.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get my camera out in time to capture the fabulousness of her digging through the pile, holding up the fanny pack, and slapping that sucker on around her waist. 

I was really hoping she would leave it facing the back, but she turned it around just as I was about to snap the pic.  She was definitely the highlight of the junkers.  You could just sense her enthusiasm over her new treasure, and she sure did wear it proudly!

Raising up the next generation of German junk day hunters.  A valuable skill here apparently. 

We got really excited about junk day, because every junk day we have ever seen before, we always see it after the fact and so we never get our junk out in time for them to haul away.  

But not this time!  We set our box of junk out there and ten minutes later-no joke-it was gone.  Apparently there was high demand for our junk...a demand we should have taken advantage of and made some moola!

This made me think of a brilliant idea...we should have a yard sale!  We could start a trend here.  I think it's definitely something Germans could get into.  And we wouldn't look at all like crazy Americans if we did it. Nope.  Not at all.  

Boots anyone?

How about a mattress?  Or two?

Poor little stuffed animals.  This could have been my stuffed animals when I was a kid if I hadn't fought for their rights as my mom tried to make me narrow down my selection of stuffed animals.  Yes, there were tears.  It was a tragic thing for me to even consider parting with one of my precious little toys.  

I mean look at these little guys, don't they look so sad?  

I couldn't subject my little stuffed friends to that when I was a kid.  Even now, they can sit in a big black bag in the attic of my parent's house, but heaven forbid they get thrown away! I can't bear the thought. 

And Dumbo...poor Dumbo.  No happy ending here. 

We found ourselves a car seat.  We think the holes add a nice touch.  Nothing but the best for our baby. 

So yeah, that is how we spent Cinco de Mayo.  Wandering the streets of our little village, on our way to get ice cream, checking out what ridiculously old and beat up things people set out to be hauled away, and watching people see one man's junk as their very own treasure.  

Quite an entertaining evening for us Americans who were just fascinated by the whole event.

The Mama and I are taking off for the weekend for a little sight seeing and a game.  Back on Monday with what I'm sure will be more fun adventures as we navigate our way north.  

Happy Friday and have a blessed weekend!


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